10 Painting Tricks That Makes Painting Easier

10 Painting Tricks That Makes Painting Easier

House painting can be a daunting task especially if you are not a professional painter. Each painter has slightly different methods and preferences. However, professional painters all know their trading secrets and tricks that they are unwilling to tell.

From wall preparation, choice of paints, painting tricks and taking care of the tools.

Here are some of the tricks and secrets that will make painting an enjoyable task with a professional touch.

  1. Remove everything from the room. In case of heavy furniture, move them to the center of the room and cover them with canvas drop cloths. This will ensure dust from the wall or paint doesn’t fall on them.
  2. To avoid paint drips, use blue painters tape. Its recommended instead of the usual masking tape. Masking tape can leave a sticky residue that can be hard to clean.The painters’ tape is much wider and can be bent to protect the face of the trim from paint drips. Also, it peels off easily and cleanly.

Better still, use a stiff angled brush. It works better around the trims if you don’t have a painters tape

  1. Cover the painting tray with an aluminum foil. This will ensure the tray remains clean for use another time.
  2. Sand the wall to remove chipped paint. This will provide a “tooth” for the next coat. Sanding will give you that smooth surface for a perfect finish.
  3. Use paintable acrylic latex caulk to fill all the cracks and gaps. The secret of using caulk is to cut the tip smaller than it should be. Too much caulk is a mess. Ensure to use a tinted primer instead of the white primer. The tainted primer will help cover the existing color better to give you that perfect finish and save more paint.
  4. Add some vanilla extract into the paint. This is important if the paint is smelly. The vanilla extract will diffuse the strong odor to give it a sweet scent.
  5. Wrap rollers and paintbrush with a plastic wrap and put them on the freezer. This will help to avoid the tedious cleaning process after use. Putting them on a freezer ensures they are soft and ready for use. Remove the brushes and rollers 15 minutes prior.
  6. In case of a dried paintbrush, use hot vinegar to clean. Just soak the brush for 30 minutes in hot vinegar and then rinse off with water.
  7. Use yogurt or plastic lids to catch paint drips. Cut a slit in plastic cup lid oryogurt lid then Slipover a paintbrush handle. The lid helps to catch paint drips from falling into undesired surfaces.
  8. Use yarn to create cool patterns on the wall. By wrapping yarn around the paint roller many times, you can create some cool patterns on the wall. Apply this technique to any room for a wow! effect.


Painting can be a lot of fun. Whether a professional or just a regular homeowner who loves painting and experimenting. With these and more tricks, house painting can be easier and the outcome admirable. Just like a pro would.