10 Steps To A AC Maintenance Inspection

10 Steps To A AC Maintenance Inspection

Air conditioners maintenance is an important task you need to get done during spring so that your air conditioner is fit for performance by summer. In order to save yourself from any scams, you should know a little about what you might expect during a HVAC inspection. Every contractor might have their own way of working over Air conditioning repair Grosse Ile Michigan and can carry the following steps in different ways. However, if you think that they missed any of the below listed steps, you shall have the right to ask them about it.

1-Most contractors would start with a thermostat check up. They’ll turn the thermostat on and get the desired setting of temperature.

2-Secondly, the contractor shall check the air filters of the systems. To make sure that the air flow is appropriate and the air filters are not clogged, this step is necessarily carried out. One of the most common causes of air conditioner problems is a clogged air filter.


3-In order to increase the life of your condenser coil, your contractor might clean it up with a garden hose maybe. This step makes sure that the functioning of the condenser coil is efficient.

4-The technician shall disassemble the outside unit for inspection. While doing so he’ll check the system for any wears and tears as well as any faulty wirings. They shall also monitor the overall condition of the unit and check for any oil spots etc.


5-The technician shall inspect the wiring of the system properly and look for any burnt wiring and poor electrical connections in the system.

6-The next step involves the inspection of the inner parts of the system. These parts include the evaporator coil, drain pan etc During this process, he’ll also look for any algae or molds grown inside the coils due to the humidity in the surrounding air.


7-After the above, he’ll check the operations of the equipment within the system. This shall help in  diagnosing any problem with the equipment within the system.

8-Checking the fan motor and compressor is the next step commonly carried out.

9-A check up of the refrigerant pressures is next carried out based on the pressure charts for the refrigerants.

10-Lastly, after all the steps for inspection are carried out, the contractor shall prepare a report for the condition of the HVAC system.. This report shall discuss the condition of the system after inspection.