15 Tips to Make Your House Super Clean

A clean house is a healthy family. Plus when your house is super clean, you will have no problem welcoming uninvited guests because you will have nothing to be ashamed of.

But making your house spotless clean is not easy especially if you don’t know where to start and what to clean.

But here is a look at the 15 tips to make your house super clean.

  1. Arrange your books

If you have a messy bookshelf or if you keep your books and magazines on the coffee table. Arrange them in an alphabetical order or according to color.

  1. Get rid of old beauty products

If you no longer need your used, expired or old beauty products, it is time you tossed them out and give room for new ones.

  1. Work on your drawers

That awful smell could be as a result of a rat that died in your drawer. So take some time and clear out your drawers. Only return back the items you need and get rid of the rest.

  1. Dust your furniture

If you have dusty furniture, they will contaminate the fresh air in the room. Use a vacuum cleaner to dust the sides and underneath the cushion.

  1. Clean the tiles

Spray grout with kitchen cleaners and let it work on the dirt for a few minutes then scrub it off. Your tiles will look as clean as new.

  1. Clean kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets probably have a lot of grease if you rarely clean them. Use a kitchen cabinet  cream and you will have a fresh smelling kitchen.

  1. Clean up the walls

The walls are quite vital and should be given priority when cleaning the house. Use a wall cleaner and a dry piece of cloth to scrub off crayons and smudges.

  1. Work behind the furniture

The dirtiest place in the house has to be behind the furniture. Pull them away from the walls and vacuum properly.


  1. Wipe the ceiling fans

Spray some detergents on the blades of your ceiling fan and with an old  piece of cloth, wipe it clean.

  1. Work on the range hood

You need to regularly freshen up your range hood since you use it almost everyday. Degrease it and ensure the mesh filters are clean.

  1. Dust off the baseboards

Any dusty spot must be vacuumed. So never forget the baseboards when vacuuming the house.

  1. Make the stainless steel shine

A dish detergent and some hot tap water will do the trick. Spray it on the stainless steel surface then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

  1. Clear out vents

Your air conditioner vents will only be effective if they are completely dusted off. A vacuum cleaner will do a perfect job.

  1. Wipe the windows

A window cleaner and a microfiber cloth is all you need to completely wipe off the dirt on your window

  1. Cleanse your gadgets

As you clean your house, also remember to wipe clean your phone with some disinfectant. And with that said, cleaning your house should now be a walk in the park.

But if you find any of these tips difficult to implement, you can hire professional house cleaners to do a fantastic job.