15 Ways To Add Some Pizzazz To A Dull Room

15 Ways To Add Some Pizzazz To A Dull Room

Do you feel that some areas of your house do not transmit the same vibes as others? Some people focus on improving or decorating some areas of their home but neglect others.

Those areas become dull rooms, where no one would like to spend time because they do not make you feel energized.

In this article, you will find 15 items to add some pizzazz to a dull room and revitalize it.

A Calendar

In the area that you use as a workspace, you can paint the wall with chalkboard paint and thus create a to-do list for you to make notes of everything you need to remember.

You can also buy or make one with the material you prefer if you do not want to alter the wall. In this way, you will not only give more life to the room, but you will also be more organized.

Cushions And Textiles

Textiles are synonymous with comfort and express personality. Try swapping out your cushion covers for colourful designs that stand out.

You can also try out of the ordinary textures and patterns to give the room a different touch.


Renew your furniture with natural elements; one of the best options is wood.

Try using this material without treating it too much so that it retains its natural colour; this will give your room a rustic touch. You can work with recycled or reused wood to save money.


Painting is one of the cheapest, fastest and simplest ideas to renovate a room.

Of course, it can be complicated and challenging if you plan to paint the whole place, but try painting only one wall, the result may surprise you.


If you can put wallpaper on most of the walls of the room, you will undoubtedly achieve a radical change.

But you can also achieve change just by doing it on one wall. You can even try and make shapes or place a single stripe across the room.

A Mirror

It is incredible what a mirror can do to a room. If you have a large mirror, use it to give the room a feeling of spaciousness.

On the other hand, if the mirror is small, put a striking frame on it to attract attention. Both will also serve to reflect light and illuminate the room.


What better way to give life to a room than to place a living being in it? Even if it is a small plant on a table, you will notice the change instantly.

If you think that it will not be easy for you to take care of a plant, you can choose plants like cacti or succulents that do not require much attention.


First, remove pictures with old frames or ancient paintings. Choose colourful landscapes with bright colours.

You can even put up a poster of your favourite movie that matches the rest of the room.

A New Distribution

It may not be necessary to remove or add something to your room. The problem may be that you need to change the way furniture and decor are arranged.

Changing the way furniture is arranged can create a more comfortable and spacious place.


You will be amazed at how much you change a room by placing something on the floor.

Try to choose something that goes beyond traditional rugs, such as bright coloured rug that will add colour and life without much effort.


Shelves are very cheap accessories since you can look for a wooden board and cut it to the size and shape you prefer.

These will give order to your room, especially if you have many books, decorations or figures.


Although artificial light does not give the same feeling as natural light, it is always necessary to have adequate lighting.

Lamps are an excellent option since, in addition to the large number of models you can find, they can highlight specific parts of a room.

A Fountain

Imagine how relaxing a room in your home can be with the sound of water. You do not need to have something very flashy, a small one placed on a table will be enough to create that relaxing feeling.

Digital Photo Frames

An excellent way to convey joy is through photos of family, travel and memorable moments.

However, it does not look great to load a table with pictures, so you can opt for a digital photo frame that changes your photos periodically.


Similar to rugs, curtains give a lot to talk about in a room. In addition to being functional, there are many types, textures and colours to choose from.

With these ideas, no room in your house will be dull. All will transmit a feeling of joy, fun and life.