3 Basic Maintenance Checklist To Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Working Perfectly

Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning unit is one of the essential appliances in your house. When it’s summertime, it keeps you cool and fresh during the day. You use it every day, so it’s working non-stop for you. But do you do regular check-ups for your air conditioning unit?

Owners often neglect to do maintenance on their Air conditioning unit until it’s broken down and needs repair. What they don’t know is that they could do their own maintenance check-up and save a lot of money for possible fixes. Your AC unit takes care of you all the time giving you the right temperature that you need, so it’s equally fair that you also take care of it. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional to do maintenance on your air conditioning unit; you can do it yourself.

Here is a list of things that will serve as your maintenance checklist to make sure your Air conditioning unit is in perfect condition.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor condensing unit is placed outside because it needs to get air for the system to cool and circulate properly. To make sure it does work properly, remove any blockage like shrubs, trees, bushes, weeds, etc. that may prevent the condensing unit from getting air properly. It’s best to keep a two-feet radius clear of any debris that may get into the condensing unit. For example, dried leaves from trees will fall off and may eventually get sucked up by the condensing unit. Check your outdoor unit from time to time for any blocking.

Clean Your Air Filters

Now, this is one of the most critical maintenance check-ups you should do. Cleaning or replacing your air filters once a month will help your air conditioning Mandurah system to work efficiently and take up less energy. If you have pets that are furry and shed frequently or if you live in a quite dusty area, you should definitely clean your air filters at least twice a month. One pro tip is to have permanent air filters so that you don’t have to replace each time you clean it so you can save some money on your expenses.

Inspection Is The Key

It doesn’t hurt to check your Air conditioning unit from time to time. Listen to it if it makes unnecessary noise that may suggest repairs. Check for loose screws with the access panels, see if your outdoor unit is on level ground, and inspect if your refrigerant lines are well insulated and intact. During spring, you can conduct a test run for an hour to see if it’s properly working; in this way, you prevent it from not being used for a long duration. You can pour a mixture of hot water and vinegar down the condensate drain line to remove moulds and algae that may be present in the area. You can do this once a year only to prevent it from getting clogged.

This maintenance checklist will help you save a lot of money from future repairs, and you don’t have to worry about your air conditioning unit failing you in the middle of summer.