Mar 9, 2021
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3 Environmental Factors that Cause Plumbing Issues

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In Sydney and other Australian cities, most plumbing issues are due to constant use and age. However, there are some plumbing issues that are nature inflicted, and require immediate attention from a professional. Changes in weather, trauma caused by natural objects like trees, changes and temperature and natural disasters can cause your plumbing systems to fail.

Here are among the top environmental problems that may lead to plumbing issues in your homes.

Corrosion and Rust

Most plumbing systems are made from metal pipes. Metals are bound to experience corrosion and rust after years of exposure to water and heat. Metallic plumbing materials are preferred materials when installing plumbing systems. They last longer and occasionally require replacement. When water unknowingly enters your pipe systems, exposing the external surfaces of your pipes to chemicals and water, corrosion may come next. The deterioration of your pipes can cost problems not only in your piping system but as well as the environment. 

If you start to see obvious signs of corrosion and rust in your pipes, request for a 24 hour plumber Sydney service to have them repaired or replaced immediately. Rust and corrosion debris mixed in your water system can be risky for your health too.

Make it a habit to have your pipes checked and maintained at least once a year or every two years. This helps identify rusts and corrosion immediately, allowing you to resolve the issue before it starts to become critical.

Roots In Your Plumbing System

Root invasion is another common environmentally caused plumbing issue that you may encounter in your homes. When homes are constructed without roof barriers installed, the tendency of roots entering the plumbing system is quite high.

Drains are also susceptible to root infiltration. Tree Pearland arborists for tree roots removal have the tendency to enter plumbing systems because they are usually attracted to running water. Running water contains mineral deposits that are good for tree roots. Thus, tree roots have the tendency to travel towards such mineral sources.

As roots enter your pipe system, cracks begin to show, causing leaks and potential burst in your piping systems. Such occurrences are hard to diagnose because the warning signs are also similar with leaks and clogs. A CCTV drain camera can easily identify areas in your pipe drains that have been penetrated by roots. The best solution for such issues is pipe relining. Roots are flushed down and removed from your drains and your pipes are relined with epoxy to seal leaks and cracks. However, this solution can be quite expensive, thus a root barrier would have been a better precaution for such occurrences.

Soil erosion and Earthquakes

Erosion and movement underneath the soil can cause pipes to break. In such occurrences, it is ideal to work with professionals as soon as possible to resolve such issues. When the slope of land changes, liquids also run faster in pipes, causing an increase in pressure. Such increase in water pressure is difficult for pipes, especially the ones that are not designed to handle such changes in pressure. Too little slope on the other hand can cause water to flow slowly, decreasing water pressure in the process. Hire a trusted and experienced professional plumbing contractor to ensure that your pipes are properly installed with land slopes in consideration. 

Such plumbing issues are not common. However no one is safe from such occurrences in your plumbing system. For new homes that are just about to get their plumbing systems to be installed, it would be best to consider these environmental factors during the planning stage of the construction to be able to determine the best course of action to prevent such problems from arising in the future.

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