3 Home Improvement Weekend Projects

3 Home Improvement Weekend Projects

So you want to start a home improvement project but the thought of living in a construction zone for weeks has you avoiding the hardware store at all costs.  No need to worry, not all home improvements are time consuming or expensive.  And many of the simplest projects have the highest return on investment.  These are three home improvement projects that you can finish in a single weekend.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The easiest and most cost effective way to improve any room in your home is to apply a new coat of paint.  Fresh paint on the walls is such an improvement worthy item that over 57% of agents believe sellers should paint their interior before they try to sell their home.  But what colors and shades are best?  Overall, neutral shades will be the most attractive to future buyers.  Anything from gray to beige or even a soft white will instantly brighten and revive your home.  Focus on the living room, kitchen, dining room, and foyer when you choose your neutral color palette.  This will create a cohesive paint scheme throughout the entire house.  You can focus on one room at a time or really dive in and enlist the help of family and friends to knock out all the main rooms in one weekend.

Give Your Curb Appeal a Boost

Exterior home improvement projects can become all consuming if you are the proud owner of a large yard or if you have a lot of garden beds.  So when it comes to choosing an exterior weekend project, choose just one and save the rest for another weekend.  There are so many exterior home improvement projects it may be hard to choose the right one so take a long look at your home and decide what needs the most work and go from there.  If your lawn needs a simple clean up and edging then your project shouldn’t take very long to complete.  But, if your landscaping is in desperate need of repair you may spend a bit more time working.  To begin you’ll need to purchase bags of mulch, landscaping borders, and a variety of perennial flowers and shrubs.  Each of these items are not only readily available at most hardware stores but are also low in cost and easy to maintain.  Bonus, they are considered by the majority of real estate agents to be a curb appeal project that all homeowners should complete before they try to sell their home.  Once your landscaping is perfect and your yard is freshly cut you can expand on your outdoor projects by adding in a path of solar walkway lights, adding exterior furniture to your porch, or simply giving the outside of your home a thorough cleaning.  All of these will make your home shine and won’t take more than a couple days to complete.

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Replace Cabinet Hardware

The hardware on your cabinets may be one of the most overlooked home improvement items.  Day in and day out you open drawers and shut cabinets without ever giving much thought to how outdated your hardware has become.  Luckily, changing out your cabinet hardware is easy and takes very little time.  In order to begin updating your hardware first pick a room that needs the most updating.  Most likely this will be the kitchen but it could also be the bathroom or any other room where cabinets and drawers haven’t been updated recently.  Whichever room you choose to start in, you need to first take the time to decide what type of hardware you are interested in upgrading to and if it will fit the style of your room.  For instance, if your kitchen is decorated in a farmhouse style, you shouldn’t install large metal modern hardware as it will not match your current style.  Once you’ve decided on a style you are sure to find endless options at local hardware stores.  If you are interested in adding a touch of personal style to your hardware you search antique shops where you may happen upon unique hardware to fit your home.

Wherever you choose to start your weekend home improvement project, remember to make it enjoyable.  Home improvements don’t need to be stressful, expensive, or time consuming.  With just one weekend of work you’ll boost your home’s marketability and transform your home into an updated and stylish space.