3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Standardized HVAC

Standardized HVAC

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Your HVAC unit can be categorized as a lifeline for your home. Without a unit that’s running properly, you run the risk of contributing to poor air quality in your home. Here’s three reasons why choosing a standardized HVAC unit is the best option for your home.

Energy Efficient

Today, many HVAC units not only promote clean air, but they also promote smart air communities. According to Energy.gov, “customers can save an average of 15 to 50 percent on their annual energy costs” which is a savings of $170 – $1,100 per year. Best of all, the government has been rewarding customers that upgrade from non-energy to energy-efficient appliances over the past decade.

The technology that comes with the standardized HVAC unit gives customers programmable thermostat options giving them better control. For example, IoT (internet of things) technology allows users to control their temperature setting on the go which also saves money. Enjoy consistent comfort in your home with a new standardized HVAC system.

Reduce Downtime And Emergency Repairs 

Reduce your need for emergency repairs or seasonal downtime with a new HVAC model. With a new unit, there’s little need to worry about future maintenance issues. In fact, most new standardized HVAC units come with a warranty (ask your technician for more details). An extended warranty will prolong the life of your unit.

A new model also decreases your downtime. Avoid pricey maintenance or replacement parts with a new unit. Your heating and cooling system is one of the hardest working appliances in your home and a quality HVAC unit can ensure that your system is always running properly all year round.

Improve Your Air Flow

There are many airborne pollutants that hide in the ventilation of your HVAC unit. Dust, mold, and spores are common heating and cooling airborne agents that like to take up residency in your vents. A new unit promotes cleaner air flow and improves the air quality in your home. Children, the elderly, and pets are more likely to catch an airborne illness from an improperly-working HVAC unit than an average adult.

Zoned heating and cooling options means your reducing the amount of air that circulates in tight spaces that harbor harmful air pollutants.

Other benefits of a new HVAC unit:

  • fits well in tight spaces
  • reduces your carbon footprint
  • great for buyers/renters
  • state-of-the-art controls
  • noise control features

Why Hire A Professional To Install Your HVAC Unit

Hiring a professional to install a new HVAC unit can save you time and money. A professional has the years of expertise to work with several model types including unexpected installation issues. When it’s important to keep your home temperament all year round, an expert HVAC technician can guarantee the repair or replacement of an older model.

Best of all, a quality HVAC professional specializes in emergency services to keep your unit running properly throughout extreme temperatures.

Don’t get caught in a heating and cooling emergency by contacting an HVAC specialist in your area today.