3 Warning Signs Your Home Security System May Not Be Operating Properly

The whole idea behind installing a home security system is to have some piece of mind about your family’s safety and protection for your home’s contents while you’re home and away. When you go through the time and expense of installing a home security system, and it doesn’t operate properly? It can be very frustrating, and it can leave a sense of insecurities when you’re sleeping or gone for an extended period of time.

A lot of people think just because they invested in a top-of-the-line home security system it’s the best? Unfortunately, unless you have a professional installer come over and explain the different systems, in most cases they’re just average components.

The good news, in most cases, it’s just a simple problem that requires the right steps and procedures to get it functioning properly. Even the most expensive home security systems currently on the market, need some tweaks and adjustments here and there, so you’re not alone. There are also some warning signs that can help diagnose the problem, and they’re usually fairly simple to fix.

Here are 3 warning signs that you use to recognize flaws and fix your system to make your home safe again.

Warning Sign #1

  • Power Supply Problems

If you notice that the power is going on and off on your system at random or completely? You could have a power outage to the system, power outage from the main grid, loss of power to the outlet or a dead transformer. The first thing you need to do is to check the transformer and make sure it has power. If it doesn’t, check the breaker box or GFCI outlet to make sure it didn’t shut off due to an electrical surge. Reset the power, and the system should reset and work as intended.

Home Security System

Another key point, if your house or neighborhood is cut off from the electrical grid due to a storm or broken utility pole? It’s just a matter of waiting until the power is restored and your home security system will function properly. Additionally, if the transformer is dead, you will need to contact a professional security installer like Fox Guard Security to have it repaired or replaced.

Warning Sign #2:

  • No Dial Tone

When you don’t have a dial tone, this can cause your home security system to not function properly. Standard home security systems are always looking for a dial tone to the control panel. If your landline system is either down or dead, your system will not work properly. If you determine that other phones in the house are working? You may want to contact your telephone service provider and have them test the line to the control panel remotely.

If the results come back positive, this means you have an internal problem in your system, and you should call your home security service provider. Additionally, if you think the phone line is good? You can also try to manually reset the system, in most cases, this usually fixes the problem and gets your system back online in seconds.

Warning Sign #3:

  • COM Failure

If you’re getting a COM failure warning? This means your control panel is trying to get a signal to the main terminal and it failed. The first thing you should do is check the phone lines and make sure nothing came unplugged. If everything appears to be good with the phone lines and connection, and you’re still getting a COM failure message? In order to clear it, you need to call your service provider and have them run a test.

Then, you want to arm your system and trigger the system by opening a window or door. Let the system activate and sound the alarm. It’s at this point when your control panel will send a signal to the service provider, and the COM failure message will be cleared and return to normal. If this procedure doesn’t work? You will need to schedule a service call to get your system back up and running.

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Other Warning Signs & Quick Fixes

If you’re seeing a low battery warning on your main control panel? You should replace the batteries inside the control panel. Typically, batteries will last between two and five years. The same rules apply to wireless devices. If the home security system was installed at the same time, and one of your wireless devices has a low battery? It’s a good idea to replace the batteries in all of your wireless devices. The battery life in wireless devices like cameras will typically last between three and five years, so if one goes bad? The other wireless devices are not far behind, and they should all be changed at the same time.

Sometimes a general wiring issue can cause your home security system to not function properly. In this case, there’s nothing wrong with your system, and a bad wire in your house is the culprit. Wires can get stretched or pulled apart, especially in an older home as it settles or shifts. This happens when the electrician installs a wire too tight with no room for flexibility because lumber will dry and curl as it ages. Additionally, rodents have also been known to chew through household wiring. If a broken wire is the problem? You will need to call an electrician to replace the line, and your system will function properly once it’s fixed.

The internet also has a myriad of information and tutorials to DIY home security problems. You can also use this useful link to watch a variety of videos that will help you with most home security systems. Sometimes, it’s very beneficial to watch how the pros do it. This can save you endless hours and a lot of headaches by trying to fix it on your own. Getting more information and help with your home security system is just a click away.