4 Commercial Renovations that will Save You Money in Glendale, AZ

4 Commercial Renovations that will Save You Money in Glendale, AZ

Running a business means having to make a lot of decisions. Whether you are a solopreneur or an executive at a large corporation, the buck stops with you for a lot of responsibilities. The pressure is on to take the company forward, turn a profit, keep customers happy, and find ways to cut costs and spur growth.

If you own commercial property for your business or you have tenants in your commercial property, then there are a lot of ways to increase your savings on the property. Whether it means reducing expenses now or increasing the value of the building for future sale, these renovations can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Here are a few commercial renovations that you could invest in to improve your earning potential on your Glendale property.

New Roof

Depending on the age of the building, the roof of your commercial property could be out of date. An aging roof is prone to leaks and poor insulation, which can put the building at risk of water damage or high utility bills. By investing in commercial roofing services in Glendale for this major renovation, your property will see multiple benefits. Newer roofing materials are more efficient, helping to preserve the internal temperature of the building. This means your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard to keep the inside comfortable for employees, reducing your utility costs. Additionally, a new roof can keep out wind, rain, snow, debris, and other elements that could damage the structure.

Solar Energy

Many businesses and homes are investing in solar panels as an alternative source of power. There are a few things to know before installing solar panels. While they are an expensive investment initially, they can lead to savings long-term by cutting down on your electricity bill. Also, your building needs to be in a location that will experience a lot of direct sunlight. If you are overshadowed by a larger building for much of the day, then solar panels are not going to be a cost-effective choice. You should also know that these features reduce pollution and benefit the environment. There is also a tax incentive to go green with your commercial property’s energy supply, giving you a chance to write off some of the cost of installment. Overall, solar panels will end up saving you money going forward and can entice more buyers should you sell in the future.

Redesign the Office Environment

The workforce is always evolving, which means preferences for a work environment are constantly changing as well. While many offices may thrive with private cubicles and windowless conference rooms, recent trends may indicate certain designs can foster a more positive working environment that increases productivity and collaboration. Designing an office that the whole team loves could boost profits simply by inspiring your employees toward better work. Some key features are open spaces that foster communication, natural lighting that boosts the moods of the workers, and recreational spaces that help people take better breaks. Being willing to invest in a highly-functional office environment can attract better talent, foster productivity, and improve communication within the company. If you are trying to attract business tenants to your commercial property in Glendale, then the layout can play a huge role in closing the deal and earning more.

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Updated Appliances/Fixtures

As a commercial property owner, one of your largest expenses is utilities. The amount of power, water, and other resources that are needed to maintain the building can be substantial for business properties. This is why having updated appliances and fixtures is crucial to saving you money. If there is a kitchen/dining area for employees, make sure that refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances have high energy star ratings so that they are not a drain on utilities. Replace all the lighting fixtures with LED bulbs that run on timers or are connected to faders. This will cut down on the amount of electricity that is being used in the building. Replacing older models of appliances and fixtures can save your business or commercial property money by reducing the amount of electricity and other utilities required to use the building.

You Have to Spend to Save

This saying is true in so many ways, and commercial renovation is no exception. Whether you want to increase the value of the property for future sale or lower expenses to make room for higher profits, making changes to your business property should be done with saving in mind. Research the latest trends in green energy like solar panels. Redesign the layout so that workers can collaborate and feel encouraged to be more productive. Have a new roof installed that improves insulation and prevents water damage more effectively. Keep your appliances and fixtures up to date so you are not being wasteful and driving up utility costs. These strategies will help your company or commercial property in Glendale, AZ save money while increasing its value.