4 Home Improvement Projects That Can Make Your Home More Efficient

Home improvements aren’t just for making it more aesthetically pleasing, they are also designed to help your home use less energy. Less energy means less money spent in the long run. We are exploring four different types of projects that can save you money on your heating, cooling, water, and electric use.

Replace Those Old Windows

Windows are the one place where the cold and GEO LOCO heat can make its way into the causing you to crank the AC or heat to even out the temperature. Changing your windows can solve that problem quickly. The one thing you don’t want to use is aluminum windows because the aluminum conducts the outdoor temperature right into the house. Look for well-constructed vinyl, wood, or wood-clad (a mix of vinyl and wood) to get the most out of your window. However, we have to note that for rainy climates aluminum is your best option because it keeps the weather out. You should research window service and supply options in your area, such as window replacements in the Portland area, to learn more about which windows are the best option.

Add The Solar Panels

If your is not shielded by trees and you get even just a little bit of sun a day, solar panels are going to be your best friend. Firstly, it can reduce your electric bill by naturally harvesting the energy of the sun and using it within the home. If you live in an area in which you get quite a bit of sun, or it’s rarely cloudy or rainy, you could easily eliminate your need for traditional electric service. There are also tax credits and rebates you can indulge in to help offset the cost. It’s also a completely eco-friendly option by eliminating your contribution to greenhouse gases, reduce your dependence on a fossil fuel, lessen your impact on air pollution, and reduces your impact on water pollution (derived from using traditional electric service).

Swap Showerheads

Water usage in the is one of those things that can rack up quickly. Between showers, baths, toilets flushing, washing dishes, and running the washing machine, we use a lot of water in the average American home. Taking a shower is one of the biggest water usages in the home and yet we need to stay clean. Rather than reduce the number of times you shower, switch out your showerheads with newer ones that are designed to have a lower flow. You don’t worry about a massive change to your shower routine, the tech has improved and you can find several brands that use less water but you can’t tell any difference.

Opt For Outdoor Solar Powered Lighting

Of course something solar powered would hit the list again! This time we want to highlight some lighting options that use solar power to keep your electric bill down. Rather than keeping your porch light on all night long, line your walkway with solar powered lights. They soak up the sun all day and work all night to illuminate your entrance. Rather than put up white Christmas lights around the patio out back, you can find some that use up the sun and keep things bright as you enjoy a summer evening. If you have those motion-detected security lights around your property, look for the solar option instead. They work just as well and cost considerably less.

There are lots of ways to make your more efficient and cost you less each year. These are just a few to get you started. Feel free to share with us your own ideas!