4 Inspiring Trends To Boost The Value Of Your Home

4 Inspiring Trends To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Are you keen on increasing the value of your home and would love to have some tips on the subject matter? If the answer is in the affirmative, it would be a good idea to spend some time going through this article.

We will share some simple, proven, and practical tips that could boost the value of your home gradually. It is quite evident that you will not be able to go through this in fits and starts.

It has to be done slowly over a period of time, but it certainly will have the desired impact. Without wasting any more time, we are talking about a few of the tips that could be useful to the readers.

1. Plan Your Remodel

It does not matter if you have just moved into your new home or if you have been living in it for a while. You should, however, plan your remodel and upgrading in a scheduled manner and stay away from haphazard and knee jerk changes, upgrades, and repairs.

Without a proper plan in mind, you will be working more out of instincts and gut feelings, and often, such decisions may not be right, and it might even prove counterproductive. You need to bear in mind that home improvement might cost around 20 to 25 cents per dollar.

The remaining 75 cents will most certainly go towards increasing the overall value of the home.

You must start slowly and take up one room at a time. Even small changes that are well planned and thought-through could yield excellent results in increasing the overall value of the home. For example, improving the fireplace center might look small and insignificant.

However, it could have a huge impact as far as the overall value of the home is concerned. This is the place where we often spend time with visitors and guests, especially during the long and dreary winter months, and such changes would most certainly have the desired impact.

2. Clean Your House Now And Reap Profits Later

If you are planning to put your house for sale, there are some essential ground rules that cannot be ignored. Prospective buyers would undoubtedly like to have a closer look at homes that are sparkly and bright. They do get attracted to such houses as a magnet.

You cannot ever assume that your home is perfectly clean. Put yourselves in the shoes of the buyer, and then you will understand that cleaning and upkeep is a continuous and ongoing process.

If you make cleaning of your home a regular habit, you will not end up spending big money, time, and effort, once you decide to sell the home.

3. Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

If you are keen on getting a new and fresh perspective as far as the value of your home is concerned, do not ever forget the importance of curb appeal.

You should walk across the street, turn around, and have a look at your home. Does it give you the desired curb appeal? This is an obvious question you have to ask and you should be ruthlessly honest when answering this question.

Your Home

It would be a good idea to eliminate the negatives and strengthen the positives when it comes to improving the curb appeal.

You will tend to forget things, and therefore you must make a list of the various positives and negatives that could be aiding or damaging the overall curb appeal.

Always keep things tidy and clean. Believe in de-cluttering your home both inside and outside. Get into the habit of regular disposal of accumulated trash and never procrastinate on this.

4. Pay Attention To Kitchen & Bathroom

In our zeal to ensure that our living rooms, drawing rooms, and bed rooms look clean, well maintained and spruced up, we often miss out on two essential rooms in our homes. Yes, we are referring to the kitchen and bathroom.

We do spend a significant amount of time in these two rooms and therefore we must make sure that they remain in the best of conditions.

Spend money on redesigning and renovating both the kitchen and bathroom and be sure that it will fetch your very good results when you plan to sell your home. Do not be pennywise, pound foolish on this.


Hence there is no doubt that investing in home renovation and upgrades are to be considered as capital expenditure and could help in more ways than one.