4 Key Articulated Boom Lift Benefits for Your Business

An articulated boom lift is one of the most effective aerial platforms available. This machine is often known by different names, such as a cherry picker, hydra ladder or a basket crane. Essentially, it’s a basket that can be lifted high into the air allowing one or two workers to work for prolonged periods at height safely. Because this is a useful machine, many business managers consider purchasing an articulated boom lift. On the surface, this may seem like a good idea, but it could end up costing more in the medium to long term. In this article, we will look at four articulated boom lift benefits of renting the machine instead.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs

When you rent a crane from cranes rental services, they will take care of the maintenance for you. This may seem trivial, but the costs of maintenance can be affordable when you own your articulated boom lift. Every articulated boom lift has to conform to strict safety standards, and this requires regular maintenance. This will include and repairs or the cost of spare parts, and it means you don’t need to deal with the hassle of arranging this yourself.

The Considerable Costs of Storage

If you run a modern business, it’s likely that you already know about the costs of real estate. Every single square metre has a dollar value attached to it and holding equipment for prolonged periods of time is a waste. If you purchase an articulated boom lift, you will need a dedicated location to store it when it’s not in use. This can add a drain on your cash flow, and it’s not an ideal situation for a smaller and more agile business model. On the other hand, a rental machine is simply sent back as soon as you’re finished with it and storage isn’t necessary.

The Costs of Taxes

When you purchase plant equipment, it’s not just the price of the machine that you have to worry about. Because an articulated boom lift is a substantial outlay for your business, there will also be a hefty tax to pay on that particular machine. This is a real waste of money if you only use the machine periodically and you may have to wait for some time until you can recoup the tax that you had to pay. When you hire an articulated boom lift this is not a problem and all you need to think about is the rental price for the period that you need the machine.

Downtime and Servicing

If you own an articulated boom lift and it needs servicing, it’s likely that it won’t be available for a day or so and this leads to unwanted downtime. When you hire an articulated boom lift, it’s been checked before you receive the machine and for short rental periods, there is no need to worry about servicing. If there is a problem, a new rental machine will be delivered to ensure that your business isn’t unduly disrupted.

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