4 Qualities to Look for in a Good Sofa

Sofas are a key component of any living room. While their main purpose is to provide seating for multiple people in a communal or shared space, their appearance, versatility, and degree of comfort can greatly impact livability.

Although your preference in the design and size of the sofa depends on your tastes, there are fourcharacteristics toconsider when buying a sofa:

#1 Comfort

The living room sofa is where you sit for hours to watch TV, entertain friends or spend time with your family, so it needs to be comfortable. And after a long day’s work, it’s important to spend your leisure time on a comfortable seating so your body can recuperate.

Make sure your sofa has a seat depth that allows you to sit at ease without extra support. Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle with your feet touching the floor. This can vary, but a good seat depth is usually 21 to 22 inches. To help you feel supported when you are seated, your sofa should have a good seat height as well. The average seat height for a comfortable sofa is between 15 to 20 inches.

When shopping for the perfect sofa for your home – choose a reputable store that boasts a huge inventory. This way you can find the most comfortable sofa possible.

#2 Style

A sofa’s style can set the tone for a living room. While two-seater sofas can take up less space and provide more options for different types of placements in the living space, three-seater sofas are more comfortable to lie down on. Remember,your weight can be more evenly distributed across the surface of a larger sofa.

Also, consider buying a leather sofa. These offer a variety of durable styles; traditional and modern, while also lasting for years.

#3 Material

A sofa’s material can have a big impact on its appearance. Today, there is a wide range of fabric choice. Natural fibers include cotton, linen, silk and wool. However, the smallest spill on fabric sofas can leave stains that are difficult to remove.

Moths and direct exposure to sunlight can also damage the fabric. On the other hand, synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic and have greater resistance to stains and sun damage. High-quality top-grain leather is considered the best option by many, though leather composites may offer a similar look and feel at a lower price.

#4 Color

A sofa is the focal point of a living room and can be a source of inspiration. For a unique look,you can try looking for an accent sofa, upholstered in a classy luxury fabric or a fun, vibrant print. If the living room has an existing color scheme, the sofa you purchase should blend in.

When picking a light or a dark shade for your sofa, consider the color of the floor or the carpet it will sit on. Remember, sofas take up a significant amount of space and can darken a room considerably. Accent pillows or throws can also add pops of color and finishing touches to the colors in your living room.

These are some characteristics to consider when buying a new sofa. A new seating can greatly impact your living space, so take the time to pick the right one.