4 Trendy Window Design Tips for Louisville Homeowners in 2023

4 Trendy Window Design Tips for Louisville Homeowners in 2023

Louisville homeowners are always looking for creative, new ways to stand out from their neighbors. Changing up your home’s windows is always a guaranteed way to get your neighborhood’s attention. With this in mind, here are four trendy window design tips for Louisville homeowners looking to shake up their home’s aesthetic in 2023:

1. Arched Windows

Windows, particularly those in homes, have typically been square or rectangular. Churches, schools, and commercial buildings are the only ones with arched windows if we’re looking at the typical trends revolving around windows. Home design trends in 2023 are looking to change this long-held home design tradition, however. Since arched windows give a curving aspect to your home’s forward-facing walls, arched windows are expected to appear in most areas that are known for cutting-edge home designs. Additionally, these trendy windows increase the amount of light coming into your home, and the arch can integrate more complicated designs to provide unique lighting patterns. You can even add stained glass to arched windows for a hyper-unique look. Arched windows fit into the trend of arches becoming more prominent in home design in general. They can provide your house, which is probably dominated by straight lines, with some balance – allowing it to feel more intelligently designed as a result. Finding a Louisville window company that specializes in arched windows is much easier nowadays thanks to the design choice’s rising popularity.

2. Black Window Frames

Many people go with plain old white coloring for their window frames. Since this has been the standard for so long in home design circles, many people fail to consider how much value and trend power differently-colored window frames can add to a home. Regardless of your personal sense of style, the atmosphere is the dominant style trend in 2023. Mastering a dark, stylish s interior design, and selecting a black interior window frame is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of the unique dimensions this trend offers. Along with luscious dark tones, black window frames are once again popular and are making their way into new home design documents all over the country. If you want to modernize your home’s aesthetic and boost your home equity, this is a great design tip for your Louisville home. You’ll stand out from your neighbors, and make a fashion statement that everyone who sees your home will remember.

3. Double-Hung Windows

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Windows are an essential part of every house, and they can make or break how unique and attractive a home’s design is overall. In the winter and summer, a quality window can prevent the cold and hot air from getting into your home. For Louisville homeowners, being able to stay protected from the often insane, unpredictable weather in the city is a must. After all, you want to protect your home (it’s likely the largest investment you’ve made in your entire life). They also offer fresh air and natural lighting. Double-hung windows have become hyper-popular in 2023 for this reason. These windows use sashes, or panels, that open and close. While the top sash descends, the bottom sash opens. This unique way of opening is great for letting fresh air and light into your home at any time, despite rain, snow, or any other type of inclement weather that might be going on in your neighborhood. Because they are simple to use and take up less room than other types of windows, double-hung windows are a popular option for many homeowners. The budget-friendly nature of double-hung windows has only furthered their popularity with Louisville homeowners.

4. Skylight Windows

In 2023, skylight windows will become more prevalent than ever before. People are beginning to demand more natural light in their homes, and skylight windows provide a stylish, trendy way to achieve this dream. Louisville homeowners fall in love with the mixture of style, efficiency, and life that skylight windows bring to their homes, after all. There are a few considerations to make before installing skylight windows, however, even though they may be a wonderful addition to any house. Even if you think your home can not naturally incorporate a skylight window into its design, a talented home designer can change your mind with a unique take on

A specialist should first install the skylight windows. This is because, to properly stop leaks, they must be properly sealed and weatherproofed. If you fail to properly install a skylight window, it can let rain, snow, and other inclement weather destroy your home. For this reason, you must always leave tough installation jobs to the pros (even if you think you’re a home improvement guru).

Stay Ahead of the Game in 2023

By considering these exciting window design trends, you can stay ahead of the home improvement game in 2023. With Louisville’s housing market seeing huge increases, you’ll want to make sure your home catches the eye of potential buyers with ease, after all.