4 Ways To Stop Your Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

4 Ways To Stop Your Bathroom Mirror From Fogging Up

Steam emerging from hot water can condense on a colder surface. Fogging occurs when steam condenses on the bathroom mirror. It’s nice to take a hot shower on a cold morning, but applying makeup or shaving after using the bathroom can be a real pain with a fogged-up mirror.

Getting ready in the morning can already be a rush. We’ve all had the experience of getting out of the shower and needing to use the mirror only to find it fogged up.  Having to wipe it down with a towel can leave it full of streaks. After that, you must wait for it to completely dry before you can see anything. This can be a waste of time unlike a visit to best ca online casino. There are simple techniques to keep your mirror from fogging up.

1. Apply Vinegar

Vinegar isn’t just useful in the kitchen or for making fish and chips. It can quickly clear misty mirrors. In a 1:1 ratio, combine vinegar and water. To increase the defogging power of the solution, add a few drops of soap. Using a clean cloth, apply the solution to the mirror’s surface. Using a different clean cloth, wipe it away. If you’re concerned about the smell, it usually goes away within an hour. You can also add lemon or lime juice to neutralize the odour and give your bathroom a more pleasant scent. This inexpensive hack is effective for about a week.

2. Use Shaving Cream/Foam

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While this tip may appear strange, don’t dismiss it until you’ve given it a try. Shaving cream is a great deterrent for foggy mirrors. A thin layer of shaving foam, evenly spread across your bathroom mirror, works wonders. Wipe the mirror clean with a clean, soft towel or microfibre cloth until you can see your reflection clearly. Do this before showering to keep your mirror fog-free for a few weeks. Applying too much shaving foam to your mirror will leave streaks, so be careful with this method.

3. Use Glycerine

You almost certainly have a bottle of glycerine in your home! This is the liquid, not the soap, just to be clear. To clean the mirror, dilute glycerine in water and wipe it down with a soft towel. Although glycerine is sticky at times and does not keep your mirror fog-free for as long as the other options on this list, it is non-toxic, making it ideal for families with children and pets.

4. Invest In Anti-Fog Mirrors

Fogless mirrors with chemical-based coating are one of the best options to escape the dilemma of steamy mirrors. Because these mirrors have demister pads that keep them fog-free, you don’t have to worry about how long or hot your bath is.  They are easy to install on your wall, but you’ll have to take them down when they’re not in use. Keeping them exposed when not in use strips off their coating. To make the most of your time, check out australian pokies online.