5 Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door

5 Benefits Of An Insulated Garage Door

Whether you use your garage as an area to store your vehicle or the main space where you enjoy your crafts, making sure it stays comfortable and protected needs to be the main priority. Because your garage isn’t technically considered part of your living space, the requirements for insulation and protection are significantly different, meaning that your garage doors will definitely play a massive role in this regard.

Not only do they act as the main barrier between your home and unwanted intrusions, but they can also help keep your garage the perfect temperature all year round. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in an insulated door today.

  1. Significant Energy Savings

Probably one of the biggest benefits homeowners will absolutely love after they insulate their garage doors will be the immediate impact it has on their energy usage. Generally speaking, when the outside temperature reaches any extreme cold or heat, it will drastically impact the temperature of your garage if proper insulation is not installed.

This will mean that you’ll have a temperature controlling source right next to the space you live in, making it necessary for your heating and cooling systems to use more energy to reach the desired temperatures, resulting in much higher electric bills for you. In fact, making this one-time investment could save you thousands of dollars over the years.

  1. Store Safely

Another great benefit to adding an insulated garage doors to your home will be the peace of mind it can give you when storing items. When you have an insulated door, you can rest easy knowing that issues such as mould and deterioration, won’t become a problem.

These doors will help control the level of moisture and keep it much lower than a standard door ever could. This means that even important items such as family pictures or old books, can be kept safely in this space for an extended period of time, without any concern on your part.

  1. Peace and Quiet

One of the principal complaints many homeowners have about their garage doors is the amount of noise they cause when operating. It can become incredibly aggravating if you have sleeping spaces directly above the garage. Insulating the door can be a great way to muffle the sound produced by the door’s movement, by absorbing the shock when it opens and closes.

Not only will this help everyone in your family get a better night’s sleep, but it will also allow you to enter and leave your own home without concern, whenever you feel the need to.

  1. Strengthened Doors

If you’ve ever had your child run into the garage doors with their bike, you know just how fragile these features actually are. Generally speaking, this is because they are made from a simple, single layer of plastic which certainly creates a barrier, but not necessarily a strong one. However, when you invest in insulation, you’ll be giving your door the extra strength it needs to be able to withstand almost any type of impact that you could cause at home.

  1. Keep Your Personal Projects Private

A serious drawback that many homeowners face when working outside in their garage is the idea that everything they do is out on display. Even when a standard garage door is shut, almost all sound will escape through that thin plastic. By insulating your door, you’ll be giving yourself that extra bit of privacy you’ve been hoping for.

Insulation is made from materials that absorb sound, and so it may be the perfect time for you to do a little bit of work on your car or finish that carpentry project you’ve been dabbling in. You can rest assured that no matter what you need to do or tool you’ll need to use, you will not disturb your neighbours in any way.

Keeping your garage comfortable and safe has become more and more important for modern homeowners. Keep these benefits in mind and start thinking about insulating your door to really make the most of your garage today.