5 Clever Space-Saving Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

5 Clever Space-Saving Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

If you’re tired of battling your tiny bathroom but don’t have the time or budget for a full remodel, here are some of our top tips to make the most of every square inch of space you’ve got.

Start boosting your bathroom storage and keeping your toiletries organised with our creative small-space ideas!

Renovate or Remodel

This is truly the most effective way to increase the space in a small bathroom. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive. That being said, remember that you likely start and end your day in your bathroom, so it’s important for it to be a calm and comforting environment.

When renovating, consider whether you need a bathtub or could do with just a shower. Even a walk-in shower takes up less space and is much more stylish.

The sink is the place with the most potential for utilising a small space. Be sure to get one with under-sink storage and add shelves down there too. If you don’t need double vanities, going with one can also add to your counter space.

Bathroom renovations in Adelaide can add significant value to your home. If you plan to sell any time in the near future, home buyers look for updated bathrooms and a beautiful, modern bathroom can add that ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Utilise Mirrors

Anyone who knows anything about decorating knows that using mirrors appropriately can make a room feel much larger than it is. Bathrooms are no exception. Add large mirrors over the sinks in your bathroom for a dramatic, stylish effect.

In addition, you can add a side mirror on the wall next to the sinks (if applicable) with a medicine cabinet built in. Store toothbrushes and other small items in there.

Add Shelving

When you’re out of floor space, don’t give up, go up! Adding shelves over the toilet or on other under-utilised wall space is a great way to add storage and save room in a small bathroom.

You can buy inexpensive units that are specifically designed to go over a toilet at most furniture stores. Many of them come with small cabinets for extra private storage too. This is a great option in an apartment especially.

Since the items on shelves will be on full display, try to avoid clutter. Store simple items such as spare rolls of white toilet paper and glass bottles with cotton balls in them on the shelves. Save anything with a lot of marketing or loud colours for your cabinets. Finally, add some small plants or simple decorative items to the shelves to make them look more attractive.

You can even add shelving or storage in the shower. There are hanging storage units that go over your showerhead, and shelves that use tension rods from tub to ceiling. Store extra lotions, shampoo bottles, and other products in the shower instead of under the sink.

In addition to shelving, make the most of hooks and bars. Hang towels from them, especially if they’re neatly folded and clean.

Clean it up

Sometimes all it takes is a good spring cleaning to create more space that you didn’t even know you had. Go through the backs of your cabinets, donate or give away products that you no longer use, and toss the ones that are expired.

Buy some inexpensive storage drawers to neatly keep makeup and other small items together, and baskets to store towels, hair dryers, and other large items.

As much as you can, clean off (or at least organise) your countertops. Sometimes there’s less clutter than there appears to be; it just needs to be better arranged. Do the same in the shower. Yes, we know we recommended storing items in there, but keep them organised. Keep the items that you use most easily accessible, and everything else neat and tidy.

Go All in on All White

White can make a space seem and feel larger than it is, particularly when paired with some of these other methods. It isn’t just because it is light, either; keeping most things in a small space and the same colour gives your brain less “busy-ness” to see and can actually be quite calming.

Paint walls white and if you are going to remodel, choose a white bathtub or shower, white cabinets, white sink, and light-coloured countertops.

Don’t stop there: buy white towels and hang white curtains (if applicable). This is also great because when they get stained or show signs of aging, you can simply wash them with bleach to give them new life.

No matter how you decide to go about it, there are many ways to maximise your space! Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your small bathroom for many years to come.