5 Common Mistakes to avoid while Remodelling your bathroom

5 Common Mistakes to avoid while Remodelling your bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting project for both the contractor and the owner both. However, it can become overwhelming if it is not planned. From design ideas to materials required to defining the budget for the renovation, missing even the single factor can bring nightmares to you. That is why it is essential to think and sketch out the details and requirements with an expert so that you can have the pleasure and comfort of a well-designed bathroom for years.

Here are some words of wisdom to avoid the five most common bathroom remodeling mistakes:

Lay Out A Plan For Bathroom Design And Budget.

Planning is the foundation of any project, so why leave it when remodeling your bathroom. Start with writing down the measurements of the bathroom size, the changes you need, the materials you would require for the wall and floor, and changing the fixtures and faucets. If the bathroom is going to be used by more than one person, consider their needs and desires. Map out each design requirement with your family members and have a consultation with a remodelling contractor. Fix a budget for it and keep at least 20% of it aside for unexpected expenses that may arise suddenly. You can even talk to various vendors to supply materials directly to you to reduce the contractor’s commission and can get them at a reduced price. The bottom line is careful planning of renovation will result in the desired finish, and you will be prepared for everything beforehand.

Do Not Choose The Wrong Materials To Save Your Expenses

The bathroom is where chipping is expected due to the moisture level and change in temperature it undergoes. Most people get the walls decorated with POP and paint, which starts to chip off due to water vapors taking a hot bath. Similarly, having wooden vanities and wallpapers on walls can begin to wear off their surfaces after a certain renovation period. Choosing the wrong material can bring unnecessary stress to redo the complete area. To avoid this, you can first consult with an expert about the material to be considered and choose the right materials for walls, floors, ceilings, and fixtures. Having tiles installed for feet are the right choice, but the size of the tile also matters. Go for more giant-sized tiles to minimize grout lines. For countertops, granite, quartz, and marbles can increase the space’s beauty, giving you the most royal look.

Measure The Space To Make Framing Adjustments.

It is not necessary that your bathroom space has a perfect size and shape for your dream space. Some have tiny space where only the basics can be accommodated, while some are spacious enough to attach a bidet along with a toilet. It is essential that you measure each bathroom side and figure out space can be transformed into reality. Can a bathtub fit in a doorway, or can the toilet seat be put along with the vanity in the bathroom? Framing the space and laying out the wireframe for each corner can bring out the big difference while remodeling the bathroom. Do not go for looks before taking into consideration the functioning of each installation.

Drain Spot Match with The Position of Shower

Your shower and the bathtub should align with the drain to avoid wet floors in the bathroom. If you keep the existing plumbing, you must see that the bathtub and shower drain match the current spot. Accurate measurements should be taken to avoid even an inch of difference so that there are no overflowing and wet floors. Keep the drain either left or right side of the bathroom and ensure that the tile slopes to the drain to avoid accidents by wet feet.

Keep An Eye On Details

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Rookie contractors and workers often place tiles and toilet seats with imperfections giving an ugly look to the bath space. Their inexperience results in ill-fitted fixtures that might upset you if you have an eye for detail. You must check all the minute detailing required to make a bathroom renovation an everlasting experience. The grouting process should be done neatly around the toilet seat, around the bathtub, washbasin, and between tiles. The extra paste of grouting should be adequately cleaned to give a neat and tidy impression. Overlooking these slight glitches can bring distress and eyesore to your dream turning into reality. Do not fall into the trap of delaying the cleaning of grouts later on.


For most of us, bathroom remodeling is done in a long time but when you are determined to do so, put your best efforts into it. You must think about each aspect of renovation practically and consider the pros and cons of each modification that you are incorporating thoughtfully. Plan out everything and do not flush down your funds with any forethought.