5 Gifts to Buy Your Artsy Friends This Christmas


Having a creative friend, whether they write, craft, paint, or create woodwork can make them a little hard to buy for. Most artsy types are a little eccentric, a whole lot antisocial, and can even be a bit temperamental at times. But, of course, you love them anyway and want to get them something they will truly enjoy for Christmas this upcoming season.

Finding just the right gifts for those that are nearest and dearest to your heart during the Christmas season can be tough to begin with. It’s even tougher when they are the creative type. Never fear, in this article you can find a few of the best gifts to buy your artsy friends this upcoming holiday season, gifts they will love you for at that.

For the Artist: Art Supplies

For someone who paints and draws there’s no better gift than art supplies. Whether it’s canvases, brushes, or paint, you can’t go wrong with a kit of supplies for Christmas. In fact, the site PaintLoose offers all of these supplies and more for the avid artist in your life. They even showcase DIY art projects, which makes the site even more appealing. You can pick up a kit for your artsy friend and then tell them about the site as well, so they can check out everything it has to offer.

For the Fashionista: Eyeliner Kit

Artsy types don’t just come in authors and artists. Creativity takes many forms, including those who love fashion, makeup, and everything in between. For the fashionista and makeup artist in your friend’s circle, think about gifting them with an eyeliner kit this Christmas. From magnetic eyeliner to glue for lashes, there’s plenty to be found for the makeup artist in your life.

For the Author: Pens and Notebooks

If you have an author for a friend, then they can never have enough pens and notebooks. Don’t go cheap by giving plain old notebooks and pens for a gift—there are certain pens and types of notebooks that writers prefer. You can never go wrong with colored pens and if you really want to give them something special, then get them an expensive pen that’s personalized.

For All Artsy Types: Coffee Mugs or Anything Coffee Related

When it comes to artsy types, most of them have one thing in common, there love for coffee. There are many different types of mugs out there for coffee lovers that are specific, such as mugs with typewriters on them, or mugs with easels, and everyone’s favorite, different sayings that artsy types are sure to love. You can gift them a personalized coffee mug with a name or with different sayings.

If your friend has too many mugs already, there’s really no such thing as too many coffee mugs though, then a basket of their favorite coffee or a subscription to a coffee club can bring a wealth of smiles your way on Christmas morning. After all, who wouldn’t love coffee and mugs as a gift, any artsy person certainly will.

For the Crafty Person: Supplies and Classes

When you love to make things, you’re always wanting to learn more. That’s why for the crafter in your circle of friends, you might want to sign them up for classes. If they aren’t the type to take classes, then gifting them with supplies to hone their craft with. Who knows you might get a quilt or a gift of your own out of the gift you give them this Christmas.

These are just a few of the best gift ideas for your artsy friends this upcoming Christmas season. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, but creative gifts for artsy people are the best presents indeed.