5 Great Ways To Use Exterior Stone Cladding

5 Great Ways To Use Exterior Stone Cladding

Exterior stone cladding is an effective way to revamp the appearance of your outdoor space. It looks incredibly sophisticated and emulates the look of real solid stone for a fraction of the price. If you’re contemplating using stone cladding at your place but don’t know where, this post is for you because here, we will share 5 great ways to use exterior stone cladding.

What Is Stone Cladding?

Stone cladding is made from thin layers of stone that are comprised into a pattern and secured onto a flat mesh. These sheets or sections are then applied to a fixture such as bricks, rendered walls or other permanent structures such as walls using a glue adhesive. The gaps if any, can then be filled with an appropriate grout.

Most Common Types Of Stone Wall Cladding

Stone cladding comes in a huge variety of styles and materials, here are some of them:

  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Quartzite

There really is a style and design of stone wall cladding for every taste and budget.

Why Consider Exterior Wall Cladding For Your Home?

There are many advantages to installing stone wall cladding, including:


The number one reason has to be the way that it looks. Something so simple as installing stone cladding can create the biggest impact. Natural stone is attractive, and it can add texture, warmth, dimension and style to the façade of your property. It’s extremely versatile and can be used across a wide variety of applications. It comes in different sizes, stones, shapes and colours, allowing you to find the perfect one to tie in with your home.


Compared to solid stone, stone wall cladding Perth is a much more affordable option, and it gives a similar look. This enables you to transform the appearance of the exterior of your home for less.

Easy to Install

Installing stone wall cladding can be done by practically anyone. It typically comes in easy-to-install sheets that are straightforward to apply. Most projects can be completed in a weekend with little effort.


Stone is an exceptionally long-lasting material, and once installed, you can expect it to last for a very long time with no adverse effects from external factors such as the sun or rain. In addition, it’s relatively easy to keep clean.

It Can Boost The Value Of Your Home

This durable stone solution is a wise investment that could yield a great return in several ways. Stone cladding can significantly increase the value of your house if you decide to sell it in the future by adding a high-end look to your home.

5 Great Ways To Use Exterior Stone Cladding

Stone cladding can add luxury and splendour to your property, no matter what size, style, or construction it is. Here are five breathtaking examples of how stone cladding can be used to enhance a house.

One. On an Entrance

You don’t need to cover your whole house with stone wall cladding. Sometimes less is more. A great way of enhancing your home with this technique is by adding stone cladding to the front entrance of your home. This can be a small section surrounding the front that draws your eye to the entry.

Two. Retaining Walls

If you have brick, concrete or Besser block retaining walls, you can finish them by adding stone cladding to them. This gives the retaining walls an appearance of a solid brick structure and can take them to the next level aesthetically.

Three. On your Fence

Stone wall cladding makes a great addition to fencing. If you have an existing brick, rendered, Besser block or Polytek fence, you can add stone wall cladding to the structure to enhance its appearance. This is a fantastic way to transform your fence and make it look far more expensive than it actually is. It can also create the illusion of a solid-built natural stone fence which can enhance the overall appeal of your home and is a great way to make a first impression with your home’s curb appeal.

Four. AS A Feature Wall

A stone cladding feature wall can create a visually striking look, and it can transform virtually any space for the better. It can create warmth, add a textural element to your outdoor area as well as implement a natural component. Natural stone is a popular construction material no matter where it is used. Stone cladding feature walls are very on trend at the moment.

Stone Veneer Siding | Exterior Stacked Stone Panels by Norstone

Five. Around An Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces have become a staple for many Aussie backyards and one way to give them a touch of luxe is by adding stone cladding around them. It gives a fireplace a more authentic appearance and makes it appear as if it was hand built of stone pieces.

How Much Is Stone Cladding?

Stone cladding typically starts at around $140 a square metre and goes up from there. Better quality stone is usually priced higher than imitation stone. It is better to spend a little more on premium stone rather than cheap products that aren’t going to last. You’ll likely need to replace it in the near future which can cost you more in the long run anyway. If in doubt about the stone’s quality, be sure to ask the supplier.

Ready To Add Stone Cladding To The Exterior Of Your Home?

There’s no denying that stone cladding is a fantastic way to boost the appeal and feel of your outdoor areas for a fraction of the cost. It’s easy to install and it can make a big impact with very little effort. You can have your stone cladding installed by a professional or tackle the task yourself. If you do decide to give it a go yourself, make sure you do your research first. You must use the correct technique and products to ensure you achieve a long-lasting finish.

If you’d like more information on stone cladding for your home, reach out to the professionals at Bonita Stone. We have stunning stone cladding options in both rustic finishes and smooth that will make a great addition to your property’s exterior. Check out our website to see our collection or contact us on 0434 086 084 to speak to one of our friendly team.