5 Highly Unique Features To Include In A Custom Home

5 Highly Unique Features To Include In A Custom Home

Custom homes are always an exciting endeavor. For the creatives out there, building a custom home provides them with a chance to express themselves in a way that few people ever get the chance to do. Those looking to make their home stand out from the pack should consider these five highly unique features to include in a custom home:

1. Built-In Shelf Walls

Shelving can cost a lot if you want quality material. Alongside the costs, shelving can take up a ton of room in your home that you’d rather use for something more practical. With this in mind, you should consider building the shelves of your new home into the walls, and other cool spaces that can accommodate them. Not only will this help you free up space, but it will give your home a unique, trendy feel that will greatly increase both its value and charm. You can design spaces to have unique wall shapes to make the shelves even more aesthetically impactful. Discussing these plans with your home builder will ensure you find the right setup, and one that will meet all of your storage needs as well.

2. Unique Plant Add-Ons

Plants are a way of life. More and more Americans are discovering just how beautiful and relaxing a relationship with house plants can be. If you’re one of these many green-tinted souls, you deserve to design your custom home in a way that will accommodate your rooted friends. You can design some of your built-in shelving, or other areas of your home, to be perfectly fit for planting. Many people are now adding plant bath areas into their homes, either in laundry rooms or mudrooms, so you can get creative with how you accommodate your plants within your brand-new custom-built home. The more you know about plants, the more easily you’ll come up with great ways to plantify your new home and push your plant parent hobby to the next level.

3. A Pavilion

It’s crucial to think about your home’s exterior while designing your dream house. Decks and patios are a go-to option for many people, but if you want to get more unique with your outdoor living space, you should consider adding a pavilion to your property. You can build them out of all kinds of materials, and your custom home builder will help you determine the right look and feel for your pavilion. These are perfect for anyone who loves to host large parties or any musicians that are building a home where they’ll be performing at. You can deck your pavilion out with many cool add-ons, such as built-in storage, bars, and ovens, to make it that much more radical. Similar to what we already said, creativity becomes your best weapon in achieving the dream home that you’re trying to invest in.

4. Secret Rooms

One of the most exciting and unique projects homeowners have been taking on in recent years is installing secret rooms into their abodes. These rooms are often not really a “secret” to their friends and guests, but the design thrill of having a speakeasy-style room entrance and location is worth considering. If you’ve been looking to dedicate one of your new home’s rooms to hobbies or hosting, building this room as a secret room is highly recommended. It will give the space more flair and an emotional impact that will make every moment you spend in it that much more magical.

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5. Napping Nooks

Who doesn’t love a quality nap? If you’re a fan of midday snoozes, you need a place in your home that’s ideal for the activity. While a couch or bed is fine, they are hard to use during the middle of the day if you have family members living in your home with you. By installing a napping nook in a more secluded area of your new home, you’ll be creating a comfortable, idyllic napping getaway. During your days off, this napping nook will likely become your go-to place to unwind. Make sure you consider the movement of the sun when building a napping nook, so you can make it ideal for both shady and sunbathed naps.

Make Your Home Truly One Of A Kind

With the help of your custom home builder and your absolutely exquisite imagination, you can design a home that’s truly one of a kind. With the amount of money you’ll be investing into the project, you’ll want to feel assured that you’ve pushed the design to its absolute creative limit, after all.