5 Ideas To Make Your Hallway Look Great in 2023

5 Ideas To Make Your Hallway Look Great in 2023

A hallway is a place in between – the moment after you have come inside and before you enter the living space. Often we don’t think about the hallway, it just needs to be practical and look decent. But we sometimes forget that hallway is often the first place a visitor sees, so in some way, it is the first impression of your house and by extension – of you. And also, it is the first place you see when you get back home, so it is nice to have it put together and beautiful, so your house can greet you with love. Keep reading to get inspiration for cute hallway decor ideas!

1. Use A Mirror To Expand The Space

Even though a mirror is a part of the practical aspects of a hallway, it can also be a design element. You can choose a full-length mirror for your hallway if the space allows or go for a smaller option that will show only your upper body. It all depends on your preference as well as the space. Since hallways are often very narrow and oddly shaped, a bust mirror might be the practical and sensible choice.

Full-Length Mirror

If you choose a full-lenght mirror for your hallway, there are several options you can go for. You can choose the regular rectangle shaped mirror but maybe decorate it with a cute frame that suits your home interior. You can also find something with a different shape, for example, an oval top. The mirror can also have wood decorations to create the illusion of a window. In this case, though, it will be tougher to use it as a mirror since the wood elements will block a little bit of the view, but if you have a full length mirror somewhere else, it might be worth experimenting in the hallway!

Bust Mirror

Bust mirror is a mirror where you can see just your upper body form chest up. It is a great option if you don’t have a lot of room in the hallway or you just don’t want a full length mirror. The bust mirror can also be in different shapes, starting from a classical rectangle to the popular circle. When choosing a mirror, definitely pay attention to the frame, as the frame will mainly determine how the mirror will fit in the interior.

2. Storage as Decor 

Every hallway definitely needs some storage – a place where to put shoes, boots, umbrellas, coats and jackets, hats, and gloves. Storage is a very practical solution, but who says you cannot boost it with some design elements as well? You will definitely pick out a beautiful coat rack, shelf, or cabinet – an item that will work by itself as an interior design ambassador. But to make it pop even more – pair it with beautiful woven baskets or boxes. Baskets and boxes are perfect for storage, but they also work as an eye-catching design element.

Another perfect place where to combine design and practicality is the umbrella stand. You can choose one that goes best with your interior from woven to metal or even a ceramics stand.

3. Give Life To The Hallway With Plants

Plants make everything better, don’t you think? Decorate your hallway with plants to make it more cozy and full of life. You can place them on shelves or have plants that stand on the ground. For shelves, it is best to choose hanging plants, they will bring more attention. However, tree-looking plants will look great on the floor. If your hallway is quite dark, you can choose plants that don’t need lots of sunlight or just go with a good fake plant option.

4. Decorate Walls For A Homey Look

Wall decor is an important decoration for any room in the house, and you cannot forget about the hallway. Wall decor for the hallway needs to be beautiful and representative of the house, but not give away too much – after all you need to reserve the most impressive design elements for the living spaces.


Canvas prints are a good option for the hallway – they are very practical and look beautiful. You can choose an already pre-made design or find a print on demand supplier who will print any design you want. The design can be anything that works with your style from nature landscapes to art reproductions. Another route to take is family photos or any other personal artwork.


Posters are modern wall decor that usually has a graphic design print. Posters started out as advertisements and you can choose to use some old ad replicas as decorations – they are usually very well and artistically made. Another option is to use inspirational quotes or texts, or maybe a welcoming text. And last but not least, the poster can be a graphic design or illustration of anything you enjoy.

If you are interested in canvas or poster prints, check out printseekers.com! They are a print on demand supplier that offers different kinds (you can choose fabric, size, thickness, and frame) of canvas and poster prints, as well as other print on demand items.

5. Give Texture with a Rug

A runner or a rug can be very useful for a hallway. Not only do they give more texture to the floor, but they will also help to collect the dirt from outdoor shoes. If you are not interested in changing the runner every day, don’t go for very light colors. Better stick to earthy tones and a neutral palette, or darker tones. Another great option is a natural fiber, woven rug that goes with almost every interior design style.

Experiment With The Shape And Weave

To shake things up, try some interesting shapes for the rug. For example, a round rug or rug with petal-like a flower. The rug can also have wavy sides or fringe. You can also experiment with the weave – from the simple stripes to written words or text.

In Conclusion

A hallway is a challenging place to decorate – it usually is pretty small, narrow, or has an odd shape that leaves little space for design elements that are not functional. But because of that, a hallway is the perfect place where to marry functionality with design. You can also go extra creative there since it is a place where you won’t spend a lot of time, so bold choices will stay fresh longer!