5 Oriental Rug Types That Enhance Your Home

5 Oriental Rug Types That Enhance Your Home

There is nothing quite like adding an oriental rug to a room in your home. These rugs are exquisite, providing gorgeous designs full of color that can become the focal point of your home. There are many different types of oriental rugs, however, so it can sometimes be complicated to know which kind to choose. We will take a look at five of the best oriental rug types to consider.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are probably the most popular and famous of all oriental rugs. They are made in Iran, formerly called Persia. They are hand-woven, which is why they tend to be on the expensive side, and they have some of the highest knot count per inch than the rest of oriental rugs. This means that the designs can be more intricate, offering layers of color. Persian rugs usually have classic motifs of flowers, pomegranates, combs, crosses, jugs, and even lotuses. The traditional colors are blues, reds, golds, and browns. These rugs look especially beautiful in more modern homes, since they bring the right contrast.

Bokhara Rugs

There rugs are also named for the place in which they were created. They come from what today is called Uzbekistan, and they have their own signature style. The design is usually made of browns, blues, and reds, done in traditional oval shapes and sticking to a simpler background. A background that is sparser allows the main motifs to really shine in these rugs. Another feature that makes these rugs stand out from the rest of the oriental ones is that they can have asymmetrical knot counts. They work beautifully to soften up any kind of room, and their strong colors can make them easily become the focus of any space.

Ikat Rugs

These rugs use one of the oldest designs in the world, the Ikat. This design has a really tribal look that can suit many different decor styles, and with its many color choices can even have the feel of tie-dye. This is because they are made using a dyeing process to give them that blend of colors and the kind of depth that other oriental rugs do not provide. Because these rugs tend to have less knot counts per inch, they can be less expensive.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs have a high count of silk threads. The rule of thumb is that the higher the silk count, the higher the price will be. These rugs are very soft and have a beautiful sheen that will amaze anyone who sees them. It is important to note that the higher the silk count, the more care the rug will need. Silk needs to be treated with special products, so it might be a good choice for areas of the home that do not receive much foot traffic. They can come in many different colors and many different patterns, ranging from classic motifs to modern ones.

Modern Rugs

These rugs are done using traditional methods but incorporating modern designs with bold colors. The designs options are endless with modern rugs, and because they still use the traditional methods of making them, they are long lasting. For people who want to have the beauty and softness of an oriental rug without giving up their modern decor, these kinds of rugs are the right choice.

These are the five best kinds of oriental rugs to consider. It is important to have a price range in mind, knowing that Persian rugs and silk rugs are on the higher end and Ikat rugs are some of the most affordable rugs. Any of these options will bring beauty and style to your home.