5 Reasons To Add Motivational Art To Your Home Office

5 Reasons To Add Motivational Art To Your Home Office

Working from home has been increasingly popular as employers have found that it actually increases employee’s happiness. There are many other benefits to working from home as well, no commute, fewer distractions and all the flexibility of running your own schedule.

Setting up your own space to work from home is an important step, you want it to be an office you enjoy spending the bulk of your time. One way to make your office more personable is to add art to your office. Sure hanging your degree on the wall looks professional but you are also going to want to incorporate wall art to your home office design.

If you’re not convinced that art is important to an office here are five reasons why no home office should be without great pieces of art.

1. Bright Colors Promote Positivity

When choosing motiv-art for your home office one thing to consider is what your color scheme or decorative design already is. While you may love abstract art if your office is a nautical theme then abstract art isn’t going to fit in with the rest of your decor.

No matter what artwork you’re leaning towards you should know that bright colors promote a positive attitude and what better place to feel upbeat then while you’re working from home? Colors and emotions are closely linked, so choosing artwork with colors that make you feel upbeat could help keep your emotions lifted while you are working.

For an uplifting piece of artwork, opt for art featuring great warm colors. The warm color family includes reds, yellows, and oranges. (Though even peaches can be considered warm if those other options are too bold for your office.)  Choosing art with an array of these colors, perhaps a sunrise or sunset, can brighten your office and help you remain positive.

Warm can be too bold and attention-grabbing, however. Consider stop signs and hazard tape, for instance, When choosing artwork it’s best to opt for a combination of warm colors rather than one solid bold color option in order to not have your wall art distract from your task at hand.

Yellow art can also help promote a feeling of light, so if your home office is small and cramped, using bright art may help open up your space mentally so you don’t feel like you are closed into an area that could make you feel claustrophobic and work less. There are many theories on colors that you may want to explore as you choose the art for your office.

2. Art that Features the Core Values of Your Business

You will want the art in your home office to reflect on what you love and the values of your business. Take for instance a business that aids refugees in beginning new opportunities. That office may want to feature art that has actually been created by a refugee.

Great artwork should help your office visitors understand what they are getting from your company when they visit. Since art has always been a reflection of society you can certainly find some art for your office that helps speak to what your office hopes to achieve through their business.

Hanging photography print is popular in home offices since it is an accurate reflection of life. Whether a picture of your children or family can motivate you to keep working or you have a favorite vacation spot that fills you with joy just looking at it, these are all great reflections of yourself, which is at the core, your home business.

3. Art Can Inspire You

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When choosing art that is inspirational it becomes a very personal choice. What motivates and inspires you may be completely different than what motivates others. But the worst option is to not choose any art at all for your home. Having wall art in your office makes you more productive and happier.

There are many famous artists with prints of their work available but there are also many artists who can help you create a custom piece of artwork for your home office in many styles. Decide whether you want original artwork or a print and that can help you find pieces that will look great in your office.

If you find yourself struggling to find art that inspires you, it may help to begin with a favorite quote. Many artists have combined inspirational quotes with beautiful imagery to create art that is both pleasing to the mind and soul. Motivational art doesn’t need to be the art of an orthodontists’ ceiling and walls, there are lovely and classy options out there.

That said if what actually inspires you is artwork that some would consider low-brow that is absolutely no reason to not display it. In your home office, you should hang up whatever art you actually appreciate.

4. Aids in Creativity

If your work from home can seem stagnant at times surrounding yourself with great art can help you become more creative. Did you know that the color purple is considered to spark creativity? If you feel like you occasionally are going to need a boost in a creative mindset then consider adding art that features purple to help subconsciously keep your creative juices flowing.

Designing an office space around cool colors suggests a calm workspace and a serene feeling. Depending on your work that may be helpful to you to decorate your office with art in blues, greens and purples then. Just as artists surround themselves with inspirational work, anyone can benefit from having art in their office.

Filling your office with art can help keep you motivated and focused. Art has been shown to be great for mental health, so whether your job brings you joy or you create your own joy by working in a great space, art can help keep your mind where it needs to be.

5. Use Greenery As Art

Another way to liven up a home office is to include greenery. Having plants or cut flowers can make a home office a more enjoyable place to work as well as providing some great fragrance or a way to purify the air.

There are many ways to incorporate plants into an office artistically. Don’t settle for a boring pot you found at a hardware store when there are many decorative pots available. Many areas host farmers’ markets where local artists sell their wares and those are great places to find unique pots and plants that will make your home office become a place you enjoy spending your time.

Even if you aren’t confident in your ability to care for plants long term there are many plant varieties that have minimal needs and are easy to keep alive. Succulents are popular for offices since they only need to be watered every three weeks or so. Succulents offer lots of opportunities for personalization and you can match their pots or containers to your decor.


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No matter what kind of art you opt to put on the walls of your office you will find that investing time and putting thought into your decora will make your office a place you look forward to spending your time. So long as your home office inspires you, your freshly updated office will be a place for you to greatly enjoy.