5 Reasons to Build a Timber Deck

5 Reasons to Build a Timber Deck

Why Timber Decks Are Worth The Investment

If you are planning on building a timber deck, we’re going to give you five reasons why you should go ahead with it. There’s no better place to be on a sunny day than relaxing on something you can build from the ground up. You can even have family or friends getting together when the weather’s good.

If you are planning on building this yourself or having a professional, do it, keep reading. Let’s take a look now at the five reasons that you should go forward with building a timber deck soon.

1. It Increases The Living Space 

With the addition of a timber deck, you get more space added to your home. It may be an extension of your current living room. What you can do is set up outdoor furniture, get a canopy or net set up to keep the bugs out and you’ll have something nice and cozy to retreat to outdoors. Allow the professionals at NO1 Decks Brisbane https://www.no1decksbrisbane.com.au/ to maximize the potential of your outside space.

It can also be a good place for you to hang out with family or friends. You can enjoy drinks around the table or relax with a book in your hand while laying out on a hammock or a swinging chair set up on the deck.

The possibilities are pretty much endless when you have additional space that a timber deck brings. That should give you enough inspiration to get started. However, we have a few more reasons to share with you.

2. The Value Of Your Property Goes Up 

A new addition to your home can raise the value of it. Having a timber deck built will give you a better chance to command a higher selling price when the time comes. The home buyer may see it and think to themselves that it’s a good-looking feature that makes the home worth every penny.

Compare the home value when you bought it. Now, when the time comes to sell it, you may get it appraised. How much of a price increase will it be if you were to sell it tomorrow?

If you are planning on selling the home, building a timber deck may be a good idea. If you are planning on staying for the long term, the same applies. Either way, someone is going to enjoy it once it’s completed.


3. It Improves The Look Of Your Home 

With the addition of a timber deck, your home will look like new. It may look almost unrecognizable compared to before. Nevertheless, you’d be hard-pressed to find something quite like it if you’re considering the idea of giving your home a facelift.

Keep in mind that depending on the size of your property, you have so much to work with. With that said, you’ll want to get the appropriate measurements to ensure how large the deck has to be.

That’s where you can get a professional involved if necessary to determine if a timber deck can be built. Remember that the larger the deck, the more you may stand to pay in terms of materials or if it’s being professionally built.

4. A Great Place To Throw A Party 

If there is one place in the world that will be a great location for a party, it’s your timber deck. The good news is if your space is large enough, your guests will gather here, and you might throw the shindig of the century. You’ll have a grill going, tables set up, and a whole lot of fun will unfold throughout the day.

When you have space like a timber deck can provide, it’s the perfect place to throw a party. If your neighbors don’t mind if you make a little noise, get some music going. Just don’t do it when it’s the dead of night when everyone is asleep.


5. It’s Perfect For Other Outdoor Activities 

Imagine a day during the weekend where you and your family spend time outside. The ideal location for those outdoor activities may be on your deck. You could have tables set up where you can play some exciting games.

Or you can hang out here and relax while soaking in the sun. Sunny and 75 degrees (F) may be the perfect time to get it done.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for reasons to build a timber deck, the five listed above should be enough. Build one yourself or have it done professionally, depending on what you have set aside for money. Once it’s built, you’ll be able to enjoy it with your family, friends, or all to yourself.

You can even decorate the space to your heart’s desire. It will make your home look even better. Not to mention, you can even increase the value of your home over time.

If you need enough inspiration to get it started, check out pictures of homes with these kinds of decks.