5 Reasons To Get Your Carpets Cleaned Every Year

Carpets Cleaned

Recent studies have found that 51 percent of all homes in America have carpet as their primary type of flooring. While many people have carpets in their homes, many of us do not take care of them properly. Carpet manufacturers recommend that carpets be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned every year has tremendous benefits for your home and your family. Here are the top five reasons to have your carpets cleaned each year.

#1) Increase Life Of Carpets

Carpet manufacturers give the recommendation of having residential carpets cleaned each year in order to help increase the lifespan of the carpet. Investing in cleaning the carpets annually can save you a great deal of time and money. You will not have to replace your carpet as frequently as other people. This can give you peace of mind and can help protect your investment.

#2) Healthier For Your Family

Having your carpets professionally cleaned each year can help prevent the buildup of any debris, dirt, dander, bacteria, and allergens from the carpet. Regular vacuuming can remove a lot of this debris, however, carpets need to be thoroughly and deeply cleaned each year to help prevent a greater buildup of these things.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned can ensure that you and your family are breathing in healthier air and playing on a carpet that is clean and fresh. If you have young children living in the home it is crucial that you get your carpets cleaned each year. Young children love playing on the floor and many young children eat things directly off the floor. If you get your carpets cleaned yearly you will not have to worry about your child eating something that is dirty or being exposed to poor air quality.

#3) Better Overall Appearance

Having carpets professionally clean can improve the appearance of the carpet and the room itself. Professional cleaners can remove stains and spots that you cannot remove yourself. The brushes on a professional vacuum deeply clean the carpet and individual fabrics to give it a better overall appearance.

When the carpets in the room look nice and clean it makes the overall appearance of the room look clean as well. A cleaned carpet leaves the house smelling fresh and can make the other features in the room stand out more. If carpets are dirty most people tend to only focus on the carpets and they do not look around the room. If the carpets are clean it will drive people’s attention to other areas of the room, like the decorations.

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#4) Makes Carpets Easier To Clean

When your carpets are cleaned annually by professionals it makes your job of regular cleaning much easier. It is much easier to clean a carpet that was previously professionally cleaned. Lehi utah carpet cleaning will remove dirt and debris and separate the individual fabrics of the carpet itself. This makes regular vacuuming easier and more efficient.

#5) Protects Carpet Warranty

Carpets tend to have a warranty on them, but many carpet manufacturers will not hold up the warranty unless the carpets are professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If you invest in having your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months you can protect your investment. If you notice your carpets wearing down, getting stretched out, or staining easily, you can contact your carpet manufacturer to get new carpets. Paying for professional carpet cleaning makes more financial sense than paying for new carpets before the warranty is up.

If you are looking to improve the quality of your carpets, keep your home safe for your family, improve the overall appearance of the room, and protect your investment you should get your carpets cleaned annually.