Mar 27, 2021
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5 Reasons Why Rugs Are So Important for Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood flooring bestows a timeless yet eye-catching ambiance for your home along with ample benefits. This flooring is a sleek and contemporary addition to your home. Hardwood floors offer a classic twist to your contemporary interior. This type of flooring is low-maintenance and can be restored or preserved within older households to look brand new and polished. Hardwood floor is easy to clean giving your interiors that touch of refined elegance. Hardwood floors allow you to be creative when it comes to interior decoration, as it provides you with a wonderful canvas to work with when laying alluring, eye-catching, uber-chic rugs!

Hardwood Floors

Whether you have wooden flooring, tile or wall-to-wall carpet, having a stylish rug to your interior will not only protect your floors but it will also bestow a sense of charisma and charm to your interior décor. Using a rug can prove to be the best way of dealing with scratches and other damages caused, plus it serves as an awesome decorative piece. A rug can help in preventing those scrapes and dings on your oh-so-attractive wooden floors. It also provides a protective barrier against foot traffic, furniture legs, and pets all the while adding a classy oomph to your floor. Although hardwood floors can really add character and panache to your home, they can also come off as a bit hard and cold. So it’s essential to bring softness into your home in form of rugs. Read on to know why rugs are important for hardwood floors.

Rugs add Warmth and Insulation:

Hardwood Floors

Rugs have an excellent insulating property, much more than any hard surface flooring. A thicker rug provides a higher insulation factor regardless of the fiber type in the rug. Using an under-pad with the rug also provides greater overall insulation. During the winter season, your hardwood floor is not only cold underfoot but they aren’t capable of holding any heat as well. Waking up on a cold winter morning to an equally cold floor can be a bit nightmarish. Laying down a rug helps with that, it helps in warming up the house and keeps your feet protected from the cold floors. Incorporating rugs in your interior décor will help in stopping the warmth from leaving the floorboards hence protecting your feet through the colder months.

Rugs help in Noise Reduction:

Hardwood Floors

You may notice an echo in a room with hardwood flooring. This is because the sound isn’t absorbed by hard surfaces such as furniture/floors in the same way a rug or a carpet absorbs sound. Therefore, laying a rug in the room will decrease the noise by absorbing the sound. It’s a great option if you live on the first floor and want to reduce sound to the room right below because walking on a rug or carpet is far less noisy than walking on the hardwood floor. If you have kids or pets in your home, it might get a bit noisy with all the running around they do, having a rug can help with that. With a help of laying a rug you can muffle the noise of the footsteps, or noise of your kid’s playing around, bouncing their toys, you can even block the noise of heavy music blasting through your elder one’s room. Noises from TVs or speakers are also absorbed by rugs, making your home a peaceful place to live.

Rugs protect your Hardwood Floors:

Hardwood Floors

Ample of house-owners upgrade to hardwood floors due to the fact that hardwood floors offer appealing strength and resistance. Although hardwood flooring is hard-wearing with high durability, scratches and other abrasions can still happen albeit not easily. Laying rugs in different shapes, sizes and textures are just about the aesthetic appeal of your home. Rugs provide an extra layer of durability to the hardwood floor, adding to its already present resistance factor. So it’s not a bad idea to invest in some eye-catching rugs if you have hardwood floors. Browse through our sumptuous collection of Rugs for Sale at The Rug Shop UK. To increase the life span of your floor, a rug pad is necessary as it provides a buffer between the floor and rugs, thus increasing your floor’s lifespan. A rug pad will also prevent dirt and other debris from getting trapped underneath rugs and ground into the floor from foot traffic.

Rugs add a Pop of Colour and Pattern:

Hardwood Floors

One of the main advantages of a rug is its timeless look and luxurious appeal. Whether you have a modern interior or a traditionally classy one, a rug works well in all types of environments. The soft and luxurious feel of a rug bestows your feet with a toe-caress feeling. Hardwood floors in themselves are a classy décor option, but pair it with a shaggy rug to add a pop of colour and texture and create a cozy appeal for your home. Wooden flooring gives off an illusion that a certain room is bigger than it actually is, placing rugs on top of hardwood floor stops this feeling of making your room appear too stark and bare.

Rugs Help in Zoning a Space:

Hardwood Floors

Open floor plans have become popular among homeowners all over the world. The open concept makes homes feel more spacious and allows for more flexibility in interior design. However, having such a large space needs definition, and rugs can be used for that purpose. You can make your space more defined by adding a smaller rug on top of a larger one. This is helpful for studios and living spaces with an open floor plan.

Looking for some eye-catching rugs to decorate over your hardwood flooring? Visit The Rug Shop UK and browse through our Rugs for Sale UK Selection to pick out your perfect rug.

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