5 Simple Interior Decorating Tips To Brighten Your Home

5 Simple Interior Decorating Tips To Brighten Your Home

Seasonal decorations are fun and can give your house a little spice to match the weather and the holidays. Still, for longer-term design, you might be considering some interior decorating to breathe new life into your home’s looks.

Here are some ideas that are affordable and easy to implement on your own.

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1. Light It Up

Is it time for some new lamps? Stylish modern looks or classic farmhouse lighting can elevate your interior design mojo with a few well-placed lamps. And they’re practical, too. Whether you need a table lamp or a floor lamp, or maybe you want to swap out the ceiling fixtures for a fresh new vibe, there are options for everyone’s taste. Install energy-efficient LED bulbs and now you have a fresh look for any space while helping the planet.

2. Artful Design

Do your walls look a little boring? There’s no need to fully repaint or replace wallpaper right away — especially if you’re still deciding on a color scheme for the room. Liven up the wall space in your home with simple pieces of artwork or framed photographs. Frames can be mounted using wall decore hooks, which are sturdy and stick on with tear-proof adhesive, so you can remove them later.

3. Clutter Hacks

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Does your room continually feel like a mess? Maybe you have toys strewn about of old magazine issues sitting on the table or a couple of throw blankets that aren’t being used. If you don’t want to put things in storage or think you’ll want to access your belongings but don’t need them cluttering up the place, consider container furniture. Ottomans and benches offer additional seating options while also giving you a place to store unneeded items. You can also get stylish magazine racks and floating shelves to move those reading materials off the floor.

4. Knob It All

Do you feel like your kitchen needs a bit of a makeover, but you aren’t ready to spend the money for a full renovation? Consider a simple hack: Replace the cabinet knobs! You can find hundreds of incredible designs and styles, from burnished metal to decorative animal shapes to classy faux stone. Whatever your taste, you’re certain to find the perfect knobs for your cabinets and drawers. Give your kitchen a popping new look for a relatively low price point, and wow your friends and family when they visit.

5. Pull Back the Curtains

Natural light is a great way to brighten any room, so what better way to accent your windows — no matter the view — than with some elegant curtains? Curtain rods are easy to install, and you can choose from a fantastic range of fabrics, colors, patterns, and styles for your new curtains. Whether you’re looking for a subtle statement or a bold declaration, updating or installing curtains for the first time can enhance any room and make it welcoming.

With a little creativity and these simple tips, you can give your home the new look you’ve been dreaming of without breaking the bank.