5 Things About Vertical Blinds Your Boss Wants To Know

Your office is being renovated and your boss has given you the complete charge to get the space revamped professionally without compromising on the corporate style. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to the office décor and the convenience and comfort of the staff, which spend 8-9 hours in the office. Among office furniture and fittings, you found that the blinds need the most attention. But you need to convince the same to your boss. Here we have rounded up five things about vertical blinds that your boss would want to know before giving you the nod to go ahead with the renovation:

  1. Blinds Lend Professional Look to the Office Space

To add professional edge to your office space, vertical blinds are ideal as they complement your corporate sophisticated style. Vertical blinds add a seriously professional finish to a room, without compromising on your style.

  1. Blackout Vertical Blinds For Presentation Room

If the presentation and pitching room in your office is equipped with a projector and a giant screen, you need to have blackout vertical blinds to keep out the outside light peeping in.

 Easy Light Control

If the workforce in your office spends 8-9 hours sitting right in front of their monitors, they will be benefitted with vertical blinds as they can control the light in the best possible way and take care of the health of the eyes of your staff. When your office has floor-to-ceiling windows, solar screen vertical blinds are perfect to filter the sunlight without completely shutting down the outside scenic view.

  1. Noise Reduction

If you don’t want your workforce to get distracted due to irritating noises and honking from the street below then opt for blackout vertical blinds. The noise reduction abilities of the blackout blinds will help you create a workable ambience for your staff. The extra thick blackout blinds help to reduce noises, letting you to create a peaceful sanctuary your workforce need when on a daily basis they have to work some important projects.

  1. Temperature Control and Lower Electricity Bills

Blackout blinds have the capability to regulate room temperature due to the added thermal insulation they offer. Blackout blinds offer an efficient defense to keep cold out and warmth in when the temperature drops; it also keeps your office from suffering the effects of scorching summer sun. The special layer of coating used to create blackout blinds helps to keep your office cool on hot days.