5 Tips For Identifying Quality Timber Furniture

When you choose high quality, Australian made timber furniture you can be assured that it will fulfil its intended function and last for many years to come. Many people purchase their furniture from chain stores and to be frank, the quality isn’t good. It’s not unusual to find cheap pieces of furniture made from MDF and plywood that still seem to command high prices. If you want natural timber furniture that will stand the test of time, it’s important to know how to recognise the difference. In this article, we will look at five tips that will help you to identify quality timber furniture.

Check The Materials

Unless you’ve purchased custom timber furniture and you have specified the timber that will be used, it’s unlikely that you will know what a specific piece of furniture is made from. An expert may recognise the timber used by the grain or colours, but this skill can take years to master. So, the first thing that you need to do is take a look at the price. As a general rule, a piece of furniture that only contains solid natural wood will be more expensive and durable than an alternative. If you run your fingers along an unfinished edge, you will be able to detect the multiple glued layers that make up a sheet of plywood. Solid wood feels very different; the unfinished edge will be smooth and uniform in nature.

Timber Furniture Is Heavy

Australian made timber furniture is solid and heavy, and if you compared to a similar piece made from other wood like materials they difference in weight is considerable. If you try and lift a corner on a piece of solid timber furniture in the store, it should take a great deal of effort.

Timber Furniture Is Solid

A well made piece of timber furniture should feel solid and stable. When the furniture is touched or bumped against it shouldn’t move or wobble from side to side. Any sign of movement in a piece of furniture is a sure sign that it’s poorly made and/or constructed from inferior materials.

Examine The Surfaces

Many people want natural wood in their homes because it imparts a feeling of warmth. As a natural material, timber has a grain that can vary a great deal depending on the type of wood and how old it is. The grain will not have a uniform appearance and running your fingers over it will allow you to feel the depth and direction of the grain. Cheaper furniture is often covered with a veneer; this is a lighter man made uniform material that’s made in thin sheets. These veneers are glued onto poor quality timber to make them look like the genuine article, and over time they may peel off or curl at the edges.

Good Quality Hardware

When you purchase timber furniture, the installed hardware should be made from good quality materials. If you buy furniture with drawers, look for smooth metal runners and avoid wooden rails that will distort and warp over time. Any pulls, handles, and knobs should have a nice feel, and the style should be compatible with the overall look of the furniture.

Identifying The Timber

Some common quality types of timber furniture that you might want to check out for are: Marri Furniture, Jarrah Furniture, Tasmanian Blackwood Furniture, Tasmanian Oak Furniture, Blackbutt Furniture and Victorian Ash Furniture.