5 Tips for Living on Your Own for the First Time

5 Tips for Living on Your Own for the First Time

Living on your own is taking a giant, exciting step into the rest of your life. You chose this life before you were born, and now it’s time for you to enjoy another milestone. A zodiac birth chart can be one of the most helpful tools in navigating your new life.

Maybe you have been planning this for years, or maybe it just hit you one day that you are finally ready to be independent. Whatever your reasons, you can learn from others who did this before you. There are some tips for living on your own for the first time.

1. Make Your Space Your Own

Living alone means you no longer live with your parents, and having a roommate can still be considered living on your own. Whether you have a studio, a one-bedroom, or if you share space with one or more roommates, make sure there is a part of your new home that is all yours.

You might want to bring some of your favorite items to incorporate into your new décor. New additions to the decorations you choose for your new home can include candles of varying sizes, colors, and scents to add to a “you” touch.

2. Get Together With Others

Being a loner is often part of wanting to live alone, but solitude can be a blessing and a curse. Make an effort to have a get-together with friends or family (or both). Doing this will keep you from becoming a long way off from the world.

Recent options for more remote jobs and schools have added to the problem of depression and isolation for many people. It can be tough to break the cycle, especially if you really like your own company. Make it a goal of your new life to make new friends or to maintain real-life connections to old ones.

Three fun ways to keep in touch with others and learn more about each other in the process include:

Tarot Readings

Throw a psychic party and offer tarot readings to anyone interested. Other participants might want to do readings using psychometry or reading auras. Let everyone know that it’s all fun, but you never know what could be revealed.

Candles add a special ambiance when tarot is involved — tarot card candles include special tarot charms to enhance insight into the past, present, and future.


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Learn How To Make an Astrological Birth Chart

Astrology buffs of all levels might enjoy getting together to learn how to make their own birth charts. Finding out where the stars were aligned when you were born is exciting to many people. If you’d rather skip the process and opt to see the results right away, you can order our zodiac birth chart by filling in your date of birth on the order form.

A special touch for a birth chart gathering might be gifting each participant with bundled birthdate candle and birthdate book for their sun sign. This combination is a favorite for birthdays and other special gifts throughout the year.

Focus on a Different Sun Sign Birthday Each Month

Each month you and your friends can enjoy a party for a particular sun sign. Explore your friends’ unique qualities, whose signs are Aquarius, Pisces, Libra, and more.

Learn the details of someone born under the sign of Scorpio with a Birthdate Scorpio candle, one for each day of Scorpio. Similar candles are available for each sun sign.

3. Make a Budget

Making a budget is one of the steps to becoming a financially responsible adult. Look at the money coming in each month, and the expenses you will incur each month. Ensure your expenses do not add up to more than your income. It sounds simple, but it can take some maneuvering to make it happen.

Make sure to put aside a little each time you get paid. Even if it’s just a dollar or two, it will add up. Before you spend it, ask yourself if that purchase is really necessary, if you aren’t going to be evicted, if it won’t affect getting to work or school, if you still have food to eat, or if there is not a health concern — you can be lenient with your savings for now.


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4. Be Safe/Know Your Surroundings

Wherever you live, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Even if you are hesitant to meet your neighbors, try to get in the habit of waving or saying hello when you cross paths. It will help you to become familiar with who belongs there and who might not.

Staying safe inside your new home is just as important. Don’t open your door if you don’t know who it is. Keep your doors and windows locked with added security as necessary and available. This doesn’t mean you are trapped in your space. It just means that you want to be in control of who comes and goes.

One simple security system is to put a little bell or wind chime at every entrance, be it a window or a door. If someone comes in, you will hear a tinkling to alert you. This can help cut down on your nervousness when your house creaks, plumbing gurgles, or you hear other sounds in the middle of the night.

5. Cheaper Expenses With a Roommate vs. Paying More Living Solo

When you decide to live on your own, part of that decision might be whether you want a roommate or not. Sharing expenses can be a positive step in keeping your budget under control as long as you and your roommate are compatible.

This big step you are about to take is worth some thought on both sides of the coin before jumping right into anything. Do you have enough income to comfortably live without having to count on someone else paying part of the rent and bills?

Is your alone time so important that it’s worth spending more to have a place to yourself 24/7? If it is, and you will not be strapped for cash, this could be the way to go.

Enjoy This Time in Your Life

Living on your own for the first time is part of your life that you will carry with you forever. You will make memories and learn life lessons to help you move along to becoming the person you are meant to be. Embrace it, treasure it, and let yourself thrive in becoming a new and more independent you.