5 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell in the Fall of the Year

The question of whether it’s OK to sell my house Solano County in the fall of the year is one that real estate agents get often, and though the market usually drops around the holidays it is possible, if the home is listed and staged the right way.

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When it comes to staging luxury homes to sell during the fall months, there are many, many things that you can do to make your home cozy looking and inviting to potential buyers. In this article, you will find a few tips to stage your home to sell quickly and efficiently in the fall of the year, so you can hopefully be settled in your new home before the holidays set in.

Curb Appeal Cannot Be Denied 

There is no doubt that crisp falling leaves, a chill in the air, and drinking hot apple cider in front of a roaring fire are some of the best things about fall. The outside of your home is where you can really bump up the season and increase your curb appeal at the same time. The first thing you want to do is clean up your flower beds, and rake up any fallen leaves. You want potential buyers to see the changing colors in your trees, not the squished, dead leaves lying on the grass.

Store away all of the summer items in the backyard, such as the pool, lawn chairs, and toys. Add a pumpkin to the front porch, and a wreath of seasonal autumn flowers to the door and your curb appeal will be complete.

Bump Up The Cozy

When you’re selling your home during the autumn of the year, it’s a good idea to make it cozy, inviting, and warm. It’s usually as simple as changing out your throws and pillows for fall accents. Try draping a cozy blanket over the couch or strategically placing pillows on the chairs. If it’s cool enough, start a fire in the fireplace, and light a few decorative candles to amp up the coziness in the rooms.

Stage The Fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, it could be your number one selling point in the fall of the year. Who doesn’t love to curl up under a blanket in front of the fireplace to read or watch TV when the weather is frightful outside? Accentuate your fireplace to sell by adding some seasonal decor to draw attention to it, and keeping a fire burning if the weather is cool enough to warrant it.

Don’t Skip The Seasonal Scents

Fall is as much about scents, as it is about hoodies, football, and falling leaves. Don’t forget to bring the fragrances of fall into your home when trying to sell. Whether it’s burning a cinnamon scented candle or having mulled wine scents in the wax warmer, you want to conjure up memories of childhood and home in the potential buyers who come to see your home. The scents of autumn have a way of doing that for everyone.

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Use Your Favorite Fall Foods

From pumpkin spice to cinnamon, fall has plenty of food to offer. The aroma of an apple pie cooling in the kitchen or the smell of snickerdoodle cookies fresh out of the oven will go a long way towards helping potential buyers picture themselves cooking their own fall and holiday meals in your kitchen, and have them eager to make your home their own.

These are just a few of the best tips out there for staging your home to sell in the fall season. Remember, use the sights and scents of fall to make your home cozy inside and out, and your home will sell before you know it.