5 Tips To Upgrade Your Garage

5 Tips To Upgrade Your Garage

You’re probably aware of the complete ‘makeovers’ you might give your bedroom or your kitchen or any room in the house. Whether it involves a bit of tweaking to the floor or maybe add a splash of color to the walls or even something as simple as redecorating and resetting the entire room. It’s always good to experience change, and for you to be able to feel super comfortable after all it is your house, and you’d want to make sure every corner of the house looks hospitable and comfy, so you feel at home.

Stepping aside from within the home, we often forget about an important, neglected area; the garage. If you think about it, the garage is the first thing you or your guests will lay eyes on before you all have even seen the rest of the house. Talk about first impressions, right? We tend to leave our garages in a state of ramshackle and to fail to pay any heed to literally the first and possibly the most important component of the house. If you think your shabby garage needs, an upgrade and you feel guilty for even leaving the car parked all alone in there. it sounds like your garage needs a serious upgrade like bestsheds.com.au! Here are 5 tips you can use to transform your garage into a cooler, chicer one.

  1. Lighting 

You know that single yellow bulb you have centralized in your garage? Yeah, believe it or not, that just makes everything even more depressing than it could be. How about tweaking that up a bit? Consider adding a few more bulbs to the area to make it well lit, which is very important if you’re looking forward to creating a healthy environment while you’re working in the garage. There are several features you there you could use to change your lighting system, including task lighting tailor-made for your needs. You could even get some hi-tech lighting system or edgy lights that will not only illuminate the entire area but also create a pleasing effect to your eyes. You could also opt for daylight! Install a few more windows and allow more sunlight to peek through and allow your garage to absorb all that vitamin D it needs fully. Natural daylight not only looks best in your selfies but also in your garage.

  1. Get Organized 

Though it may sound pretty absurd to reorganize your garage, if you think about it, rearranging allows you to discover things you don’t even need now. All those pieces of obsolete furniture, including that decade-old couch that’s probably infested with insects, seriously needs to go! Create more space by putting things exactly where they belong and also sorting between items you need and things that may be irrelevant to you now. Not only does a clean, well-set garage look good, but it also creates a relaxing work environment. If your garage probably stresses you out, then you need to consider cleaning it up a bit. It’s not always necessary to install more units or pieces of furniture, sometimes less is more and it’d be better to give away rather than stock up and pile, creating an un-neat look overall.

  1. Install Space-Saving Furniture

Trying to save up on space could be quite a bit of a headache. If your garage looks like a cluttered mess, then here are some tips you can consider to create more space and also make use of those spaces you never even thought of.

  • Storing Garden Tools Smartly On The Wall

Allow your tools to sit horizontally over pegs installed on your wall. Not only does it look super organized, but you also found the perfect spot to take care of all your garden tools.

  • Ceiling Storage System

Weird, right? It’s also pretty genius. Make use of your ceiling by attaching cupboards or storage boxes to it. It keeps things out of the way, and you end up having a lot more space.

  • Folding Workbench

If you tend to work in your garage, you might consider the thought of installing a workbench with a wall panel that allows you to store all your necessary tools. It creates a perfect work station.

  • Create A Wall Storage System

Who said you could not use the entire wall for storing things? This could be done by the use of cupboards, shelves, boards, etc. Why not go abstract and create the utmost space for yourself by reorganizing and placing everything on the walls?

  1. Revamp Your Garage Door (insulation and exterior)

Adding a layer of insulation to your garage door can do wonders to maintain the temperature within the garage. You can go up to 30 degrees warmer in winters and vice versa for summers too. You can find several DIY garage door insulation kits out there that’ll help you to apply insulation to at least most of the garage door. This is best for those garages that possess certain appliances such as refrigerators or deep freezers running in your garage.

You could also redesign your garage door and consider apply a fresh layer of paint or even connect your garage door to your Wi-Fi if your kids bother you because they keep messing with the garage door all the time. Install this to your garage door opener and allow yourself to receive notifications on your Smartphone for when the door is open and also gives you access to controlling the ability to open/close the garage door- all from the comfort of your Smartphone.

  1. Hold A Garage Sale

Sometime’s less is more. It’s best to give away some of those obsolete, antique pieces of art and instead donate or even save up from the garage sale to renovate your garage with newer, edgier products. Getting rid of or replacing the irrelevant, useless bits in your garage with hi-tech material won’t only save you more space but will also amp up your entire garage look.


There are several ways you can try to renovate your garage, speak to an experienced designer or even trust your instinct and shop for DIY supplies and consider modifying things yourself. It may take time, but the results will be worth it. The best part is you can create so many changes while you’re even in the process of readjusting everything. It also saves you a lot more compared to you hiring a professional. These few tips could be the answer to your questions or even a source of inspiration to redesign your garage.