5 Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

5 Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house and whether you’re a minimalist or into maximalism, decorating empty walls can be a real challenge. An empty wall can easily make the house feel dull, or even worse, cold and sterile.

Do you have an empty wall in the home that you do not know how to decorate? Maybe it’s a big wall in the bedroom or a square wall in the hall that needs a little attention.

Decorating an empty wall is easier said than done, but standing and staring at the empty surface will rarely inspire you. For this reason, below we share some of our best wall decor ideas to refresh your space.

Create a Photo Collage

A simple trick for how to make photographs and paintings look better on the wall is to group them and make a photo collage. They can be the same or different sizes and can be placed in a row, a cluttered group, or a grid. Each style of print can even be created to your custom dimensions. Everything works. As long as you have chosen paintings that fit together in some way, such as in style, theme, or color, a visually compelling photo collage art is a great way to decorate the walls and give more personality to the room.

To see if the idea works, you can plot it out on the wall with craft paper cutouts to know what sizes you would like to order. To add a personal touch and look at a cherished memory, why not use one of your favorite Instagram photos.

Downloading could be the best option for obtaining a top-quality image and the easiest way to do this is by using an Instagram photo download tool that will allow you to instantly download photos from Instagram. You can then save the photo and print it for a photo collage wall art project.

Shelves With Nice Decorations


Wall shelves are available in many different colors, designs, and materials and with nice decorations, the shelf will attract the eye.

Instead of hanging paintings or posters, you can place any small items you want on the shelves, such as potted green plants, books, or small souvenirs. This is an amazing way to show off your style and personality. Just remember not to fully pack the shelves as it will look more cluttered than stylish.

Decorative Lighting

There’s lighting that we have because it fulfills a function and there’s lighting that works more as decoration. Decorating with neon lamps, light strings, and other light fixtures will make your room feel bigger while giving you beautiful light on the walls.

When decorating with light, keep in mind that there shouldn’t be too many strong light sources. The challenge is to find the balance between light and shadow. Having multiple light sources also contributes to a cozier feeling in the home.

Polaroid Photos


There’s something special about Polaroid photos. They bring out special and fond memories that we hold close to our hearts. To decorate your walls with Polaroid pictures, you need small clothespins, a string, and a stick of some kind. You can also buy ready-made frames made for these types of photos.

Make a frame with only pictures in it, or bring out your creative side and mix pictures with other small decorations and things like crochet flowers, feathers, beads, or paper clips. Decorating with memories lends a part of yourself to your walls, and it always ends up looking beautiful and unique.

Create a Moodboard

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating moodboard wall decor. Here you have the chance to collect things that make you happy and capture a feeling for your future vision.

A moodboard is often used in creative processes when, for example, you’re going to redo your home, when you’re organizing a fun get-together or when you want to convey and share an idea with others.

A tip is to think about your vision for your future and where you want to be in 10 years. Start big and collect lots of things that are in line with your vision. It can be a bit of anything. Things you find in nature, jewelry, newspaper clippings, or drawings. Feel free to write some strong words that describe the feeling and make them big so they are visible. When you then look at your wall and moodboard, you will feel inspired to follow your dreams.


Undecorated walls are a real waste of space. There are so many different ways to decorate and liven them up. The ideas we mentioned above are a good start to spice up your empty walls and evoke a calm and relaxing vibe.