5 Ways to Get Your Home Built in A Hurry

5 Ways to Get Your Home Built in A Hurry

Building your own home comes with numerous advantages. First and foremost, it means that you will get the exact kind of house you want and need. Unfortunately, this tends to come at a high price, with delays and other issues causing it to be a time-consuming and labour-intensive project.

Do not give up on your dream home yet, though! There are ways to smooth out the process and accelerate your building project. If you want to move into your newly-built dream home quickly, keep reading for some helpful tips!

Prefabricated Houses

When we think about construction, the picture that comes to mind involves heavy machinery  making loud noises, all parked out on the lot where your home will be. That is not necessarily true, however, as houses can be built the way smaller products are, in a factory setting.

These prefabricated houses, once complete, can then be transported to your land and lowered onto it using affordable mobile crane rental services. Like traditional construction, prefabricated or prefab houses are designed by expert architects.

They can also be personalised and customised to your satisfaction, though this may prolong the building process. If you have a tight timeline and want to get into your new home on time, a prefabricated home manufacturer like MPH Building Systems offers quicker construction compared to the conventional way of building a project. The project can take from 12 to 20 weeks, with some projects even being set up in a day.

Not only is this method lighter on your wallet, but it also minimises the waste produced from building a house the old-school way.

Have Building Plans Ready

Another method to hasten the building process is by having all the building plans confirmed as soon as possible. When building your ideal residence, it is easy to get caught up in the process and try to cram as many things that you like into it as possible.

This will end up delaying your project as, often, having too many elements in one house is simply inadvisable and sometimes even impossible. Thus, it is good to have a solid idea and make compromises with what you need rather than want.

Collect ideas and assess what can be done by visiting a display home village. Once you have your plans set in stone, you can quickly start on constructing your new home.

Complying Developments

While complying developments may not be an option for all building projects, straightforward ones can have their approval fast-tracked.

If your home meets certain criteria, a private certifier can sign off on the project without having to go through the council. Private certifiers work much quicker than councils, and it saves you a step in the process.

Concrete Panels

Concrete panels are an innovation that is becoming the ideal alternative for conventional bricks. Aerated concrete panels are cheap, lightweight and are screwed to the frame of the house. It negates the need to hire bricklayers that are often limited in availability.

These panels are easy to work with while also maintaining excellent thermal and acoustic properties. Better yet, they are much faster to put into place than bricks.

It also prevents delays that stem from not having the right expertise to work on them. Using concrete panels rather than bricks can speed up the house building process by three weeks or 15 working days.

Choosing the Right Builders

Your builders are the people who are tasked to bring your dream to life.

That said, they can also turn your home-building experience into an endless nightmare. Choosing the right people as your contractors is vital to getting your house built quickly and fuss-free.

Before you decide on a company, be sure to go through all the details, including price and schedule. Identify what the builders can do for you and how long that will take.

If you like the team involved, try to stick with them! Some builders can also do the wiring for your house for an additional fee. This saves you the trouble of finding another team and saves time as well!

You should also be aware of the expertise you need to get your house ready for habitation. Have all of these people lined up and ready to go to make the construction process as smooth as possible.