5 Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency This Summer

5 Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency This Summer

You’ll be running your air conditioner and other comfort appliances all day long to keep your home comfortable. You know exactly the prize you’ll get with it—high energy bills or early air conditioning replacement (if your system lacks maintenance). While it’s true that comfort systems consume a large portion of your overall energy costs, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

Begin with these simple steps to improve energy efficiency and savings this summer season.

Pick the Right Ventilation System

You may more likely need to invest in a ventilation system to prevent moisture build-up and maintain good indoor air quality in your home year-round. A heat recovery ventilator can be a wise choice! In the summer, it uses the air in your home to cool the air that comes from the outside. In the winter, it utilizes the outgoing air from your home to warm the incoming air.

Ask your installer about this ventilation option during the air conditioning replacement service.

Buy Certified Comfort Equipment

Always keep an eye on high-performance and energy-efficient air conditioners. An ENERGY STAR Certified A/C is 30% energy-efficient compared to non-certified A/C models. This means that these certified air conditioning units consume less energy when they operate.

So when you need air conditioning replacement, opt for certified A/C for better savings. Talk to the experts first to know what these certified comfort systems are and which one suits your home best.

Schedule an Energy Audit

Available from your local air conditioning company, an energy audit can determine how much energy your home is using and wasting at the same time. The service also identifies where much of the energy goes and what you can do to improve efficiency. Your energy audit specialists will provide you with a starting point for conscious energy consumption. By taking advantage of the information provided by this audit, you can switch electricity providers in your state to the most appropriate for your needs.

Insulate and Seal Your Home

Based on the acquired energy audit results, you will be recommended some steps to start saving energy. It may include insulating your walls and attic and sealing gaps, cracks, and holes around your doors, windows, ductwork, and walls. Doing so saves you as much as 20% of the cooling cost these warmer months.

If insulation is not the issue and your system isn’t leaking the conditioned air, but high energy costs still occur, then your A/C itself might be the problem. You may need either A/C repair or air conditioning replacement.

Sign Up for A/C Preventive Maintenance

Did you know that you can save money by investing in a maintenance agreement from a reputable HVAC company? This service agreement will cover the labor, repair and some parts replacement that your unit requires.

Compared to individual services scheduled and paid separately, this agreement will cost lesser. It even offers you priority service during your emergencies. All services covered will be served on time and on budget. Sign up for your maintenance plan today to avoid early air conditioning replacement.

Want to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home?

Keeping your bills low and your home’s efficient state is easy when you know what to do. Don’t miss the opportunity of saving more energy and money this summer season. Follow the tips above, and you will surely thank yourself later for the savings you get.

If you are looking for more energy-saving tips or professional air conditioning replacement, repair, or maintenance, don’t hesitate to call All Comfort Specialist Heating & Air. The company services the Oklahoma City, OK area. Call them to set an appointment.