5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Fall

With summer out of the way and a new season kicking in, it’s a good time to schedule a few chores and complete a checklist before the first chill. You may procrastinate and avoid tasks hoping to complete them in the future. However, when the leaves start falling, you’ll have a work overload to eliminate them before the fall.

Since the weather changes unexpectedly, it’s wise to do some seasonal maintenance before the summer is over.

Here are the top 5 things for you to maintain your home before the fall.

Clean Out the Gutters

When the leaves begin to fall, they will fill your eaves, troughs, and downspouts. They’ll block water from spilling from your roof. The full gutters and downspouts soon start spilling water into the house. You should take the time to clean the leaves every day until the area is leaf-free.

The full gutters could also host destructive pests which would start tearing your house apart. When a leakage develops in the attic, moisture will fill the space creating a suitable environ for mold growth. You can also find products in the market to help you clear leaves and pests that can damage your home.

Caulk Around Windows, Doors, and Openings 

You should caulk around the windows and doors in preparation for the chill. This should help prevent HVAC overuse by insulating and separating the air inside from the air outside. Good seals will make your home more comfortable and save you money.

It’s also good to caulk pipes, vents, and cables that run on the outside. These could also act as entrances for cold air into your home. Remember, even if you had done these earlier in the spring, it’s good to check again as the cold season approaches.

Change Your Filters 

Check to see if your air filters are clogged and change them. It will be difficult to keep your home at a constant temperature keeping you uncomfortable. You should clean the air filters monthly even when it’s not autumn. If the filters are not fully clogged, you can vacuum them at least once before replacing.

Remove central and window air conditioning units. You should remove or cover them for the duration of the fall. This will prevent air leaks, which could be consuming your electricity and costing you money.

Replacing Batteries in Smoke Alarms 

Each season, you should check whether your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices are working properly. You can also hire a professional HVAC contractor to check for leakages, heating efficiency, etc. A programmable thermostat is a wise investment if you don’t have one. Change the temperature settings to lower the temperatures at night to reduce energy costs.

If you are looking to reserve your energy costs, reversing your ceiling fans can also help. It will circulate the air at the ceiling and generate a warm breeze in the house. Remember to clean the blades to prevent infection to your young ones.