5 Ways To Rid Your Property Of Mosquitos

5 Ways To Rid Your Property Of Mosquitos

Mosquitos near me can be a serious pest, causing itching and irritation, not to mention reducing your quality of life in the summertime. While you may have tried many do-it-yourself mosquito control methods to rid your property of these pests, hiring a professional mosquito control service near me may be the best way to ensure you’re entirely mosquito free this summer. Read on to learn how to get rid of mosquitos around your home this year.

1) Get A Professional Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito control near me is one of the best ways to keep your property free of these flying pests. As soon as you notice a mosquito in your yard, you should call a professional and get them over to take care of it. You can also use preventative methods at home, including wearing insect repellent outdoors, but they’re not very effective on their own.

Consider whether or not it’s worth taking steps to protect yourself if there’s no guarantee that you’ll be safe. And make sure your doors and windows have screens for added protection against mosquitoes entering your house. You don’t want the pesky insects inside and bothering the family, too!

2) Getting Rid of Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes love water. Dump or drain water collected in old tires, buckets, birdbaths, flower pots, and pet bowls to reduce mosquito breeding grounds. Clean rain gutters and check for holes in window screens that could allow mosquitoes to enter.

3) Bug Sprays Can Be Effective But Can Also Have Unwanted Effects

A bug spray may be one of the best ways to eliminate these pests for a night or two. There are many different types of sprays available in grocery stores, and each type will work differently based on how long it lasts and where it needs to be applied. You can even purchase mosquito coils and candles that will provide a fog or smoke that will keep them away from an area for several hours.

Bug sprays may also have other benefits, such as killing fleas and ticks. The only downside is that they do not last very long, so you may need to reapply them more often than you would like to keep your home pest-free.

4) Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitos

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Plants that repel mosquitos and are relatively easy to grow include citronella, lavender, wormwood, peppermint, scented geraniums, and cloves. You may also want to consider planting milkweed in your garden, as this is a valuable nectar source for our local pollinators. It protects from mosquitos due to the weed’s abundant production of white flowers, which release an unpleasant smell in response to movement.

Citronella oil will not only repel mosquitoes but has also been effective at keeping other annoying insects like biting flies at bay. Lavender plants have grown on me because they have delicate flowers that help keep bees and mosquitos away from your property.

5) Insecticide Foggers

Mosquito control services are an excellent way to rid your property of mosquitos and other flying insects, but what about foggers? Foggers are insecticides that come in canisters that resemble cans of whipped cream. Foggers work by spraying around your property’s perimeter, emitting a fine mist that rises and spreads throughout the air inside.

When mosquitoes come into contact with this poison, they become immobilized and die. Professionals have some controversy about whether or not foggers kill eggs. Luckily there are plenty of alternatives, such as mosquito zappers and bat houses.


Thankfully, with some knowledge and effort, there are many ways to repel mosquitos from the perimeter of your property. Remember that mosquito control depends on location; mosquitos breed in stagnant water sources, and many neighborhoods have wetlands and waterways nearby. Suppose you’re in an area where a professional mosquito control company has already been established. In that case, it might be worth getting an annual contract as this will help keep mosquito populations down for generations.