6 Silly Moving Mistakes That Newbies Make

Relocating to a new place is as tedious as it is exciting. The hassles of packing everything you own and starting a new life, at a new place are more challenging than they may appear. Yes, not everyone is cut out to relocate frequently; however, certain situations, like new jobs or low finances, do provoke you to shift away.

People with no prior experience in any kind of relocation tend to commit mistakes. No matter how careful you are, some mistakes are inevitable, such as:

Are you a proud packrat? Yes, you may call yourself a collector, but do you really need everything that you have in your house? Starting a new life also means that you should start a new habit, i.e., take only the things you need and leave the ones which will only take space. You can even organize a garage sale before the shifting day to clear off some inessentials and earn extra bucks. It is advisable to go through your stuff before you start packing so that you get an idea of what will be needed in the new home and what is suitable for the garage sale. Please don’t get too attached to old things; leave your past where it is when you are planning to start a new life.

  • Finances aren’t your strong suit

The most common mistake that people make is misestimating the costs. Yes, moving can be pretty expensive. You may have to hire a trusted removals and storage company, especially if you are not keen on making it a DIY project. Hiring professionals can be expensive; however, a DIY project will also include some expenses. It would help you made a checklist of all the tasks, and estimate a cost as accurately as possible. If finances aren’t your strong suit, then ask for help from family and friends because it is essential to know if you can afford to shift on a particular day or via specific ways.

  • You procrastinate everything

Is procrastination your nickname? Do you postpone everything? If that’s the case, then moving may become a problem for you. Some situations that procrastinators face are the moving date is usually fixed, and if you don’t move out on that specific day, then your budget may juggle a bit; your stuff is not packed when the transportation arrives; or you postpone work till the last moment and then pack in a rush, which leads to forgetting/breaking essential items. Procrastination is a habit that will never help you succeed in anything, so it’s better that you change it as early as possible.

  • You forget the significance of labeling the boxes

Labeling is a life-saving process; however, most people forget or undermine the significance of labeling the boxes. This raises situations which are too frustrating to handle. If the boxes are not marked, then how would you unpack efficiently at the new place? How would you find a particular item from the room full of boxes? How would you know which box contains delicate items? Questions like these are enough to make you understand how essential it is to label each and every box carefully so that unpacking does not become a tedious & irritating process.

  • You neglect your pets and plants

Apart from human beings, pets and plants suffer a lot too during the relocation process. They are often ignored, which may kill the plants and make the pets ill. It would help if you shifted them the day you move out so that they are taken care of throughout the process. Many people have suffered the loss of beautiful plants during relocation because they forgot to water them or make sure that the plants are moved carefully.

  • Planning a DIY relocation? Do you have insurance?

Are you planning to do-it-yourself? Relocating is challenging because of the various mistakes mentioned above and the many tasks that need to be taken care of. Yes, you can always consult your friends and family and also make a thorough checklist; however, how would you make sure that everything is accomplished desirably? People, who don’t have experience in relocating their homes should hire experienced relocation services in their areas to ensure satisfaction and security of your valuables.

Now that you are aware of the many silly mistakes that are common in the relocation process, you can give special attention to them and make sure you don’t make any. Hope your relocation gets completed smoothly and all the best for your new life!