6 Steps to Avoid Unnecessary Roof Repair In Fort Collins

Roof repair to a Fort Collins home or commercial structure is inevitable! No matter the roofing material or quality of installation, a roof will eventually suffer holes, missing shingles, and other such damage and then be in need of repair.

While every structure will eventually need repairs and roof replacement in Fort Collins, there are many things you as a homeowner or business owner can do to avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs to a structure’s roof. Consider a few suggestions here and discuss these with roof contractors in Fort Collins as needed, to ensure the roof over your head is strong and secure and in good repair for as long as possible!

1. Have Fort Collins Roofing Contractors Inspect the Roof Regularly

A homeowner might know how to inspect a roof for obvious signs of damage, but a roof contractor in Fort Collins is more qualified to provide a thorough examination, noting developing mold, old and worn shingles, and the like, allowing you to make repairs before that damage becomes more extensive. An inspection will also note when it’s time to consider a full roof installation versus simple repairs, and when areas such as a chimney stack, roof vents, and other features need repairs as well.

In some cases, a Fort Collins roofing contractor will offer a free inspection or include the cost of an inspection in the cost of needed repairs. Whatever the case, your roof inspection costs are worth that investment if it means avoiding more extensive and costlier repairs down the road!

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2. Pressure Wash a Roof

Pressure washing does more than just remove dirt and debris; regular roof washing cleans away damaging mold, mildew, algae, bird droppings, soot, and other residues that cause eventual damage to a roof’s shingles and flashing. A thorough roof wash also cleans leaves, seeds, twigs, and storm debris trapped under and around shingles, protecting them from becoming loose and falling away.

A good power washing also reveals areas of damage including water stains, small holes, and other such problem areas that are otherwise covered by dirt and debris. A homeowner can then have those repaired done as quickly as possible, keeping them from becoming larger and most difficult to repair.

3. Reconsider Adding Layers to a Roof

Adding a new layer to a roof rather than removing the current layer of shingles and tiles is often less costly at the time, as you save on the hassle and expense of a full tear-off. However, a new layer of roofing materials over a current layer of tile often shortens the lifespan of those new shingles by several years!

While it might be tempting to forego a tear-off and save a few hundred or thousand dollars on the cost of a roof installation in Fort Collins, consider your long-term costs. The expense of early repairs might far outweigh the few dollars you save on the installation of new roofing layers.

4. Keep the Home’s Gutters Clean

You might not associate clean gutters with roof repair in Fort Collins, but clogged gutters allow rainwater to back up to the edges of a roof. Shingles and other roofing materials then absorb that rainwater, becoming soft and crumbly or otherwise damaged. Trapped rainwater also encourages the growth of damaging mold, moss, and algae.

To keep gutters clean, invest in a leaf guard you put over them, to block out leaves, twigs, and other debris. Have the gutters power washed every year or as often as needed to keep them clean. You can also have your roofing contractor inspect those gutters when he or she inspects a home’s roof, to note if the gutters and downspouts are properly sized and as clean as possible.

5. Check Your Property’s Trees!

Tree branches hanging directly over a roof lose twigs, leaves, seeds, and other debris that might result in damage to roof shingles, tiles, and flashing. Birds also use those branches for roosting and bird droppings are very caustic to roofing shingles especially while fallen branches can scrape and loosen shingles and tiles. Trimming back those branches protects a structure’s roof from all that damage.

On the other hand, shingles exposed to harsh sunlight during summer months might dry out and become brittle and crumbly. Planting shade trees at various areas around your property so that the branches provide some covering for the roof without sitting directly over it can help keep that roof protected from sunlight and resultant damage. A Fort Collins roofing contractor can note the areas of your home that need most protection from harsh sunlight.

6. Avoid DIY Roof Repair in Fort Collins

As a homeowner, you might be tempted to avoid roof repair costs in Fort Collins by handling as many DIY repairs as possible but this can often lead to more costly repairs down the road! Using the wrong nails or failing to fasten new shingles properly, overlooking torn flashing or holes in the roof and other common DIY mistakes can result in serious damage to your home’s roof and larger repair bills once you do call a Fort Collins roofing contractor.

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Rather than assume you can manage supposed simple repairs on your own, it’s best to call a Fort Collins roofing contractor for any and all repairs needed! He or she can inspect the roof properly and will ensure that their roof repairs for a Fort Collins structure are precise, with nothing overlooked. Your roof repairs for a Fort Collins home or business will then last as long as possible and you’ll avoid added repairs down the road.

Keep these 6 points in mind when it comes to avoiding otherwise unnecessary roof repair in Fort Collins and be sure to discuss concerns over your structure’s roof with a roofing contractor as needed. Many Fort Collins roofing companies are happy to discuss the condition of a structure’s roof with the property owner and note what can be done to avoid unnecessary repairs and to keep that roof in good condition for as long as possible.