6 Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

6 Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

Pests are unpleasant, and also bring along health risks, discomfort, and hazards. A termite infestation alone can wreak havoc in your home, causing severe damage, while rodents and bites from ticks can yield terrible diseases, such as Lyme disease. It’s time to take control of your home and keep everyone safe by adhering to these six tips to eliminate and prevent pest infestation.

Seek Professional Pest control Services

If your home is already infested with rodents, termites, bugs, or other pests, it would be best to get the help of a specialist, such as Bills Pest and Termite control services. A specialist will inspect your house to establish the magnitude of pest infestation, identify the most appropriate treatment, and give you an estimated cost of what needs to be done. Pest control professionals do a thorough job of eliminating chances of reoccurrence and touching those areas you may not reach if you decide to get rid of the pests yourself.

Eliminate Clutter

Other than water and food, pests look for a place to mate and bring up their young ones. A messy and cluttered home provides the best hiding spot and ground for this. Get rid of unwanted items and store those you still want to keep in sealed containers and boxes. Pay more attention to your closets and ensure you properly arrange everything.

Seal Possible Pest Entrances

Pests can wiggle in through tiny gaps and cracks on surfaces. Inspect your windows and doors for gaps and walls and screens for cracks. Repair or seal old windows, doors and worn-out screens, and replace those that don’t fit well. Consider using screen mesh sizes with more than 200 holes per square inch. Make it a priority to get protection screens to prevent pest entry.

On top of that, inspect your entire home exterior for foundation cracks, missing roof shingles, loose siding, and gaps around those utility lines. Use coarse steel wool, copper mesh, mortar, or sheet metal to seal the openings.

Dispose of Litter and Trash Properly

Household garbage can attract all manner of pests looking for a food source. Cover all your trash cans with tight-fitting lids and keep the area around them clean from spills and debris. Get rid of standing water, leaf litter, and plant clippings from your patios, yards, and decks, as they create an ideal environment for the pests to multiply.

Regularly Clean Your House

Something as simple as cleaning the house can help keep a wide variety of pests at bay. Maintain a clean house with no standing water, debris, dirty dishes, food leftovers, and other garbage. Focus more on the kitchen, as it is the biggest magnet for pests, and tightly turn off garden hoses to avoid offering pests a source of water. Ensure you move items, like furniture, when cleaning, and don’t ignore a pest problem if you notice any in your house.

Use the Right Light Bulbs

Use halogen or high-pressure sodium vapor lights instead of the standard mercury vapor lights to minimize the number of flying insects around windows and doors. You can also opt for bulbs with yellow, pink, or orange tints, as they are least attractive to these insects.

Be sure to take action before pests infest your home. Start acting today and prevent pest problems from occurring. It will save you money and help keep your family safe and at peace. If you suspect a pest problem, hire a professional to inspect your home and advise accordingly.