7 Bathroom Renovation Tips Everyone Should Know

Taking a regular shower can not only help you relax after a hard day’s work but it is also important for personal hygiene reasons as the Australian Government Department of Health note. However, it can be hard to relax if your bathroom has seen better days, or the needs of you and the family have changed and you have to carry out a renovation project. If that is the case, here are 7 top reno tips for the bathroom that everyone should know.

Planning and preparation

Even before speaking with a reputable bathroom company, you have to sit down and make a list with those who will be using the bathroom. Make a note of all the needs and requirements (shower only, shower/bath combo, wet room, double basins, separate toilet, etc). Then, look at the budget you have to use and always try to keep something back for the unexpected costs. Review the types of fixtures and fittings and also factor in the time needed to complete the project.

Floor plans

This is where a bathroom renovation specialist can be very helpful, particularly if you are on a tight budget, as keeping to the existing plumbing and waste water disposal route will be cheaper than complete remodelling. If you need to keep to the same footprint, there are design tricks that you can use to make the bathroom seem larger. However, get accurate measurements and a floor plan that identifies current and future pipes and wiring, water outlets, current hot and cold-water pressure and then you can review the fixtures and fittings that you want as part of the renovation.

Bathroom Renovation

Humidity and ventilation

Next, factor in how you are going to ventilate the room and ensure the warm humid air does not condense on the walls and ceilings, causing mould and mildew to form. As part of the planning exercise, review fans and air vents as you may need to reposition these. If you are moving the shower for example, this could involve breaking through an outside wall and you will need to allow for wiring to go to the ventilation unit. If you don’t get this right, poor ventilation can ruin the flooring, walls and the cabinets so it is important to plan in advance.


Having the best planned and finished bathroom in the state will amount to nothing if you don’t get the lighting right. Shaving mirrors with lights, cabinetry with frosted surround finish and well-positioned overhead lighting using pendant lights, can be beautiful as well as extremely practical. If you are concerned that it would be too bright, talk to your bathroom renovation specialist about fitting dimmer switches.

Durable flooring

You need something that fits in with your overall theme and design but has the ability to withstand years of use in a humid environment while being easy to clean and non – slip. Stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles come in a range of shapes and designs and are very durable. There are even tiles which look like wooden floorboards if you are going for a beach theme or shabby chic design.

Bathroom Renovation

Space maximisation

This is where having an external pair of eyes really helps – a bathroom renovator can see the potential in your bathroom and will be able to suggest products and design tricks to make the space seem bigger. Built-in sinks and cupboard space around the cistern, glass shower screens and mirrors on the wall will make the space seem less cluttered and bigger.

Future gazing

Think about how the space will work for you in years to come, particularly if this is home you intend to stay in. Funky wet rooms or level access showers can be easily adapted with handrails added for visiting grandparents or when you get older. Dual basins can be very handy for busy professionals and when the children come along, are ideal for a family bathroom.

No matter what your needs are, speak to a reputable bathroom renovation firm who will be happy to sit down and go through your current and future requirements.