7 Best Window Styles That Will Give New Look To Your Office

You spend a lot of time in your workspace. Thus, it is not too far-fetched to want it to make it more appealing. One way to create space that is enjoyable to be in is to upgrade your windows. Imagine a beautiful panoramic view from your office while you sip your morning coffee. What about giving your clients a meeting place that welcomes them and yet exudes professionalism? How about an eye-catching window that allows the warm sun in while you relax on your break?

There is absolutely no reason for your office to be institutional and stuffy. If that’s what you picture when you think of your office, it may be time for a change. Read on to see what types of windows have become most popular in the work arena.

Perfect for meeting rooms, sliding windows are often a choice that lets some light in without having a distracting view. Wider than they are tall, these windows are often mounted higher up to allow furniture and televisions to be under the window instead of blocking it. Wider windows also give rooms a taller, more spacious appearance.

The simple design allows for easy operation and simple maintenance. These window types often last much longer than others with less breakage and hardware wear and tear. They can even be configured to improve thermal or acoustic performance. Consider Abbey Aluminium as one of the best for professional installation of your sliding windows.

  • Picture Windows

Spend a lot of time at your desk? Why not do it with a view? A picture window gives you a large open area so that you can take in the landscape outside in all of its beauty. Picture windows are a large framed, unobstructed, single paned glass window without any breaks. This million dollar view makes the outside a focal point and opens up the space connecting you with the outdoors. These windows are not meant for ventilation.

  • Arched Windows

Add an eye-catching design and focal point. These windows are not for ventilation but can be installed above a standard window if you need some air. They can be customized since they are made of many outside panels. The centre panel still offers an unobstructed view similar to a picture window. Choose these to add classic style with a view.

  • Awning Windows

If you experience a lot of rain where you live but still want some fresh air, consider awning windows. These windows are hinged from the top so that when they open an awning is formed. This allows you to still open the windows even during wet weather. Awning style windows also give you a pleasant unobstructed view of the outside and when closed, terrific insulation.

  • Bay Windows

Bay windows are a set of three windows that are angled to create a bowed out projection from the wall. The centre is usually fixed similar to a picture window so that you have a beautiful unobstructed view. Install one of these to add light and architectural aesthetics. It even forms a small shelf to decorate or display your awards.

  • Garden Windows

Garden windows add a unique architectural extension to your room. It creates shelf space you can use to set plants. This is especially useful if you like to bring the outdoors in or if your view is more of a cityscape and you need to add some greenery. Garden windows are box-like and protrude to the outside of your structure. Often you can add ventilation for the plants and your space with side panels.

  • Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged at the sides so that they can swing open like a door. This makes ventilation and maintenance easy while having a clear view of the outdoors. They are also terrific for insulation because the pane is single and not broken up making it resistant to wind.