7 Common Roof Issues That Require Immediate Attention

7 Common Roof Issues That Require Immediate Attention

Frequent roof repair is one of the major responsibilities of becoming a homeowner. However, many homeowners don’t know when is the right time to call a roofing contractor and wait too long.

That leads to water and structural damage to their house, and suddenly, a minor problem becomes much more expensive and dangerous.

This article will examine the seven most common roof issues that should make you search for “roof repair near me” if spotted.

Wind And Hail Damage

It’s always important to check the condition of your roof after a major storm. Powerful winds can rip out shingles and expose your roof interior to the elements. Additionally, hail and debris, such as tree branches, can puncture your roof leading to leaks. If not handled quickly, these leaks can lead to long-term water damage and poor insulation, affecting your electricity bill.

Leaks And Ponding Water

Minor leaks lead to water trickling through your home, causing water damage throughout your interior. Eventually, the water stagnates and ponds, usually above the ceiling, which leads to serious water damage, and mold and becomes a cesspool for harmful bacteria.

Loose And Broken Shingles

If you spot a missing or loose shingle, you must search for roof repair near me and fix it immediately. It may not seem like a big deal, but a single misplaced or broken shingle allows water into your home, raises energy costs, and gives pests a way inside.

Moisture Damage

If you spot moisture dame in your walls or attic, you may leak somewhere in your roof. Even if you can’t spot it, we recommend searching for roof repair near me to get a professional inspection of your home. They will be able to tell you the quality of your roof and if it leads to your home’s moisture damage.

4 Most Common Roofing Problems that Require Immediate Attention - Fortified Roofing

Worn-Down Roofing Materials

Roofs have a shelf life; depending on the materials, they could last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. And that doesn’t account for storm and extreme weather damage it may face. If you notice your roofing materials look worn down. It is time to search for a professional roof repair near me.

Structural Damage

If there is noticeable structural damage to your roof, it is crucial that you call a professional roofer. It could not only wreak havoc on your home interior, but it is also dangerous for your family to live in that home for an extended period of time.

Poor Work By Other Contractors

People commonly search for professional roof repair near me because the previous contractor they used mishandled their roof. Common signs included missing or loose shingles and an un-uniformed appearance.

Getting Your Roof Repaired Early Will Save You A Lot Of Headaches

As you can see, most of the problems listed above start off as minor issues that are easily spotted but if left to fester, can quickly turn into more expensive ones. Searching for roof repair near me as soon as you spot a problem will save you money in the long run.