7 Efficient House Cleaning Ideas

7 Efficient House Cleaning Ideas

Juggling your professional and personal life is difficult as it is. However, this difficulty goes to a whole new level when you have to manage all the responsibilities of a house on your own. One of the biggest hurdles in these situations for anyone to deal with is cleaning. Although, there is some serious help for hire, like the maid service house cleaner in Austin, Texas, which can make your life easier. But if you wish to test your mettle, then here is a list of seven efficient house cleaning ideas that may help you to get started and clean your house conveniently.

  1. Gathering Your Cleaning Arsenal

You may not realize this, but you are prolonging the job that can be done in a couple of hours to maybe an entire day by using the wrong tools. Most people neglect how important a good vacuum cleaner or broomstick for efficient cleaning is.

Although water with some newspapers as a wiping material can get the job done for your glass surfaces, try using a disinfectant and a glass cleaning solution for a change. You can avoid your glass surfaces from getting scratched this way. Also, a vacuum cleaner can make your living space spotless and free from dust in no time and with ease. It helps you with not just floors and carpets, but with any dust gathering fabrics, including your furniture and rugs and can reach every corner and unreachable space. It is important to know your cleaning brushes too as each will have different working and accessibility. Similarly, some brushes can clean toilets and kitchen sinks better than most other brushes.

So, it’s best to know your tools before you plan on starting to clean. It may not only make your life easier but also save you some quality time.

  1. Putting Everything Where It Belongs

When it’s your own house, you generally don’t care what goes where. As a result, a lot of stuff ends up where it doesn’t belong. Thus, before starting to clean up, you should put everything where it belongs which is a hassle itself.

People don’t realize that the 10, 15-minute breaks they take while cleaning to organizing stuff amount to an hour or more collectively for a single chore. Besides, you don’t just have to decide where to put your stuff. But also whether you should keep it around, give it away for charity, or dump it. This process isn’t instant and chips away at your cleaning hours. It may make you feel that cleaning is more time-consuming then it has to be, and you might end up avoiding it.

Keeping this in mind, you should start with organizing your house so there are no intervals when you start cleaning up for real. It may result in making your life easier and help you realize that it isn’t that time-consuming after all.

  1. Dusting

If you think that dusting is a light-weight task and best left for the end, then you can’t be more wrong. Dusting isn’t cleaning since it makes your house dirtier than it already was. You may feel that turning off ceiling fans will avoid all of that, but that doesn’t always work.

Start with windows and wooden and glass furniture, and work your way to kitchen shelves and cabinets. Make sure that you are not avoiding cleaning them from the inside. It’s best to consider using a damp cloth while cleaning. Make sure to dip it into the water after short intervals to get rid of the excess dust gathered on the dusting cloth and to avoid creating extremely messy conditions.

  1. Sweep & Mop

The lazy version of you might easily agree to avoid mopping the floors after sweeping them. It wouldn’t have been a problem if you weren’t getting used to it. After dusting, you should get to sweeping and mopping your floors.

At times, floors have drink spills and mud stains that can’t be dealt with by just sweeping the floors. It’s best to get around the house with a mop once and get rid of any such stains. If you have a bright-colored flooring that you love too much, mopping it occasionally may expand its life and keep your floorboard good as new for the years to come.

  1. Furniture Fabrics

Some people can just imagine vacuum cleaners to be used only for the floors and carpets. What they may fail to realize is that vacuum cleaners are also effective on all types of fabrics. Be it curtains, sofas, or spare mattresses that have been eating dust from long.

There are dedicated cleaner extensions for delicate furniture fabrics that ensure your expensive furniture’s well-being. The furniture surfaces may appear to be dust-free, but the reality is that they are sitting lumps of dust invisible to the naked eye. Hence, it is preferable to work on cleaning your furniture and curtains with a vacuum. Additionally, extensive cleanliness of anything related to cloth can be done by a monthly wash. Just take out all those curtains, pillow covers and rugs for the laundry and get them good as new in minutes.

  1. Everywhere Is Important

We only clean places that are likely to be visited or can be seen by visitors. Avoiding places like toilets, kitchen cabinets and from underneath appliances. It may be a temporary solution to an emergency but it certainly doesn’t qualify as cleaning.

Hygiene is very important for a healthy life. Avoiding places like toilets and kitchen cabinets and sinks may lead to unforeseen health issues. It can prove to be costly and more painful in some cases than others. However, it is easy to avoid such situations by simply making sure that your surroundings are healthy and clean.

Besides, this can help make your toilet ceramics and kitchen appliances look new for longer periods. So, be sure to cover everywhere while cleaning.

  1. Hire Cleaners

Leave it to the pros if you don’t have that much time and still want your house to look like a decent living space. As cleaning a house isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, therefore, it is a good idea to not be bothered about it too much yourself and call in a maid service Dubai to help you get the job done.

A wide range of cleaning services cover most regions and offer specialized cleaning services for specific areas of your house. They certainly charge you a good amount for it, but they get the job done as no one else could. Besides, it’s a lot less hassle and thinking for yourself. Moreover, it saves you a good deal of time and effort that you can spend elsewhere.

It may not seem to be most favorably looked upon option on your list because it costs you a lump sum, but it can prove to be effective, especially when you want to impress your guests.

In Summary:

Cleaning is a time taking and delicate process. We often want to rush and just be done with it but that certainly doesn’t help. To clean your house, you need to show some dedication towards it and not randomly start by just wiping and rubbing everything. It’s best to read a bit about it, and if it doesn’t suit you, then hire professionals to lend a hand.