7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying A Recliner Instead Of A Sofa

There’s a roomy vacant spot in your living or master bedroom that needs a sound one-seater. You’ve been noticing all the pretty sofas in magazines, at furniture stores, and other homes but are yet to make up your mind.

Normally, you would get yourself a pleasant, matching upholstered sofa chair and be quite pleased with it.

But just for a moment, why don’t you consider pampering yourself and your family with the most chilled and superior version of a sofa? The recliner!

What’s a Recliner?

You may have heard of recliner belonging only in TV/Gaming rooms. Or, your knowledge may be limited to those strange, push back chairs we get in planes and buses. 

Either way, the fact is that we have been depriving ourselves of the true luxury of recliners for a long time.

We’re not too sure when and how this conspiracy began but the one thing that we are sure of is that it’s time to take back our universal right to the Recliner Chair!

Here’s why.

7 Reasons to Choose the Recliner over a Sofa

1) Incomparable comfort

If your sofa/recliner requirement is in the living room (or where the Home Theatre is) then it needs to be comfortable. Sofas are cozy, but after a while, you want to stretch out your body while staying supported. You’re unable to lie down and you really don’t want to sit up straight. It’s an awkward moment.

With the flexibility of a recliner chair that pushes back just enough and a footrest that rises high enough to perfectly support your lower body, everything seems right in the world again.

2) Impressive looks

Most recliners are made of leather, real or faux. Some are available in microfibre or cotton too. But, recliners are largely grand and regal looking. If you don’t want a classic design that looks like it is from another era, there are modern, contemporary varieties and colours to choose from as well. 

Sofas are passed over without being looked at twice. Try any recliner, classic or modern, and see how many people choose it immediately like it is a rare artifact.

3) Suitable for all

Whether it’s a child, teenager, or an elder, recliners support everyone adequately. You get various patterns and features such as seat warmers, message applications, sound systems, remote controls, and other neat benefits. They are especially helpful for elders who can’t move around on their own. Sitting on a sofa for a long time can cause stiffness and pain while a recliner eases their aching bodies by offering various options for sitting, relaxing, or even sleeping. They are easier to get out of and into for the seniors as they are high seated.

4) Spare Bed

 Yes, it acts as a spare bed. Believe us when we say if a recliner is offered for a nap, any youngster will jump at the opportunity for this change. The soft sink-in quality of a recliner chair takes you in and lulls you into a soothing sleep.

5) Safe and sound

Imagine a recliner chair as a fortress that keeps you secure in its seat, gives you strong barriers on each side and also offers a protective ledge for your legs and feet. You can easily leave your baby or infant in a recliner and let him or her play, feed or snuggle up with a favourite toy, without no fear of the baby falling down. 

6) Multiple varieties

You are free to choose from a range of one seater sofas but you will soon find that the choices are few. Recliners, on the other hand, are available in bulk, slim, rocker, lift chair, wall huggers, two positions, complete push back; the possibilities are endless.

7) It’s time!

Why? Because it is time! Like we mentioned at the onset, this is the time to experience true luxury via a classic recliner, customised to all your needs. It will last you long and prove to be a valuable return on investment. Recliners are flexible enough to keep anywhere in the house, not just the living room or bedroom. You can curl up with a book in your study, chill in your kitchen (if you have the place), or enjoy nature in an enclosed garden space. There are no limitations for places to relax and there are no barred zones for recliner chairs.

Hence, if you’re at the point in your life where you feel you’re ready for a recliner over a common sofa, then go for it! But if you still need convincing then go to a furniture showroom or visit a friend who has one and try it out yourself. Sit on it and experience it. 

Since you can’t believe it till you feel it, you might as well try it!