7 Steps To Performing An Effective Tear Gas Cleanup Service

Carrying out a tear gas cleanup in your home after it has been heavily contaminated can be a chore that is far beyond what you expected it to be. It is highly advised that you enlist professional tear gas cleanup service to get your home completely remediated from tear gas residues and its effects should you suffer from them. If you insist on doing it yourself however, then here are 7 things you can do to ensure a job well done.

You should bring out all the clothes, curtains and anything else that can be taken out of the house and wash them. After washing, you shouldn’t attempt to dry them in the same building before complete remediation has been done lest it might be re-contaminated.

You should thus keep your washed garments away from the affected area until the area has been completely cleaned.

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  • Use the Right Cleansers

Most people don’t know that water only worsens a tear gas contamination especially if it is a CS gas. If you must clean up tear gas residues then, you should better use an alcohol-based cleaner. There are cleansing products in the market that are specially designed for tear gas cleanups.

If you must use water, then you must use a lot of it.

  • Throw Out all Contaminated Food Items

Any food item that was directly exposed to the tear gas should be discarded without a second thought. This includes foods items that were even in flimsy packages like cardboard boxes.

  • Throw Out All Soft Materials

Materials that you stand to lose in the event of a tear gas contamination include your bed, furniture and a list of other household fitting that are considered very porous. This is because getting the tear gas residue out of them can be a herculean task that is if it is at all possible.

  • Clean the Carpet

If the tear gas was released in a place where there was a carpet on the floor, then said carpet must be thoroughly cleaned more than once. In some cases, it might have to be disposed altogether.

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  • Clean Out the HVAC System

Tear gas tends to get into every nooks and crannies of a building. Your HVAC system is thus highly susceptible to the gas. In performing a tear gas cleanup thus, you must ensure that you perform an extensive cleanup and get all gas residues that might have found home in your home’s conditioning system. Failure to do this would pose health problems for you and everyone else that continues to live in the building.

  • An Inch by Inch Cleaning

After following steps 1-6, you must now conduct a general cleanup. This entails making sure that every surface area as well as hidden areas of your home be thoroughly cleaned out. Tear gas particles are very tiny in nature and as such can become lodged in just about anywhere. So you must do well to check your cabinets (inside and out), rooms that were closed when the tear gas canisters were deployed and basically every part of the house.

Performing a tear gas cleanup isn’t an activity that should be approached with levity. One must be fully prepared for the arduous task ahead (and you better believe it is) and also make sure that he is putting on the right gear for the job.