7 Tips for Making Your Furniture Look Top Tier When Selling Online

7 Tips for Making Your Furniture Look Top Tier When Selling Online

If you want to upgrade your sofa to fashionable, fancy, modern pieces, or your bookshelf is no longer holding your collection, consider selling your furniture online.

Unfortunately, selling furniture online is not a walk in the park since buyers cannot touch or feel the product. However, if you want to sell your furniture online, there are several tricks you can employ to make the sale seamless and fast.

1. Clean up and Repair the Piece

If you want to sell your furniture online, the first step is to clean and repair it. Imagine if you were the buyer, would you buy the piece in its current condition? If not, get to work and get the furniture close to the showroom-ready state.

Thoroughly vacuum the fabric, and if possible, steam it to remove all the dirt. Treat the stains and stitch a loose pillow. For wood furniture, refinish it and give it a radiant and beautiful look or give it a fresh coat of high-gloss paint. The idea is to make the piece as new as possible.

2. Take Good Pictures

Once the piece has attained a close-to-new look, it’s time to take clear and honest pictures. Remember, the buyer will not touch the pieces so the photos will talk. Look for a powerful camera to take quality photos but most importantly, pay attention to lighting.

Shoot the item from multiple angles. Be thorough, detailed, and accurate to get a clear shot of the fabric or surface. Once done, zoom in on the photos to ensure no flaws have been captured.

3. Provide a 360° View for Better Examination

Online shopping denies shoppers the chance to touch the product and test it. With an interactive 360° ​​view of furniture, buyers can view the piece from all dimensions and zoom it closer to see all the details. Some e-shopping tools help buyers rotate and thoroughly scrutinize the piece and ensure no detail misses their eye.

4. Showcase All the Winning Points of the Furniture

If you want to sell your furniture faster, show off all the prominent features of the furniture. Take different views of the furniture to highlight the signature points of the piece. Take in-action videos or 3D animation to demonstrate a design. You will attract buyers to the solid points and sell your furniture quickly.

5. Create an Accurate Description

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Describe the furniture as thoroughly as possible. Include helpful information such as brand, piece history, condition, color,  name, size and dimension, and any hooking story. Remember to be as honest as possible.

Indicate that the piece is not new but tell its age and if it has any flaws; also add the brand name. Giving the brand name and link gives buyers a chance to get a better description of your details.

6. Pay Attention to Trends

To sell your furniture faster, you should investigate customer preferences. For instance, find out which colors are selling well before repairing your seats. You will likely sell your pieces faster if you replace the bright fabric with neutral colors, as they tend to endure for a long time.

7. List Items for a Fair Price

Although a piece of furniture may hold great sentimental value to you, that will not be the case with the buyer. So, be realistic with your price and put a tag from a buyer’s point of view.  Check how much the exact brand costs online to help you put a price tag that favors you.

Make Your Furniture Sellable Before Posting Online

If you want to sell your furniture, you can do so online quickly if you make it as new as possible and take good photos highlighting its strong points. Also, give a  perfect description and list a fair price.