7 Tips to Keep Your Windows Clean for Longer

7 Tips to Keep Your Windows Clean for Longer

We all strive to maintain our homes in the best possible condition. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it absolutely clean. However, even after we scrubbed and polished every single piece, in a few days, we needed to start over.

One of these unpleasant chores is the cleaning of windows. Maintaining them clean for extended periods is one of the hardest tasks. But most of you need to know that there are a few ways to help you achieve it.

Keep An Eye On The Landscape

Trees and bushes are an essential part of every garden. They provide us with the much-needed shade during the hot summer days and invite more pollinators and colours. Despite our love for them, we all know they need much more complex maintenance. That includes their placement as well.

Not only do you need to plant your tree or bush in the most pleasant for its needs spot, but you also need to consider your property. For example, if a tree is too close to your house, it may damage the walls with its root growth, and it can even fall on it due to a strong wind.

Having this aside, your everyday issues with a tree or a bush nearby your house will be dirty windows. Tree leaves tend to collect a lot of dust and attract many insects, birds and small animals. When they bloom, they release a lot of pollen into the air. Include wind and rain in the picture, and you end up with another window cleaning round.

Beware Of The Almighty Dust

Dust is all around us. It’s on the ground, on the plants, in the air, in our homes, and almost everywhere you can think of. That means dust can easily get on your windows too. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have to let it stay there. According to a professional window cleaning team dusting your home regularly will help keep your windows stay clean for longer. Not only will this help you have a spotless house, but it will also help you fight allergies.

Of course, when it comes to dust, you should also remember to clean your screens, blinds, or curtains. You can vacuum them or use a lint roller to remove the dust off them and spray them with vinegar. You can do the same with your blinds and curtains if you do not want to take them off. Make yourself a schedule to remove the screens at least every three months.

Pay Attention To The Cleaning Solution And Method

The cleaning solution you use on your windows has a significant role. You can do a lot to keep your windows clean for longer or minimise the amount of dirt. The cleaning solution you use on your windows has a significant role. However, how you clean them and what you use determine how clean your windows will be.

Some cleaning solutions are created to repel the dirt from the window surface, while others just don’t possess these qualities. It is important for you to decide what you are looking for in a cleaning product. Do you need a solution for a long-lasting effect or something more natural and eco-friendly? Do you prefer to use a method with soap water, or glass cleaner?

Homemade solutions with vinegar or lemon juice are a great start to streak-free windows. You can always try using rain-x 2-in-1 with rain repellent to help you keep them clean for longer.


How to clean windows: tips for a professional streak-free finish | Ideal Home

Condensation happens when you have humidity and ventilation problems altogether. Many complain that simple tasks like cooking or drying their laundry indoors during cold rainy days turn their windows into mini waterfalls.

Of course, the result of condensation windows is the same if you haven’t cleaned them for months and it just started raining. Every insignificant amount of dirt that was able to build up will turn into an ugly stain.

You can try to change your house’s ventilation system or open all the windows while you cook, get out of the shower or put the laundry inside for drying. The best solution, however, is to get yourself a good dehumidifier.

Keep Oils Away

some of us have the pleasure of having a bbq in our gardens, a window just in front of our sink or near the place where we cook. however, having a window at a significantly small distance from such a place will lead to a lot of greases that you’ll need to remove from it.

make sure you keep your bbq away from your home’s windows, and if possible, make your kitchen’s layout more practical in terms of use, cleanliness and sustainability.

Stop Smoking

needless to say, smoking is bad for your health, but also your home. the smoke will make your furniture and clothes smell bad. it will stain your walls and windows, too. unfortunately, the yellow-coloured stains are hard to remove and not many cleaning solutions can help when it comes to the windows.

so to ease your life, you can either decide to have a healthier lifestyle and stop smoking or at least smoke outside to save yourself some troublesome chores.

Use A Robot

These days, we can find many domestic robots to help us with our chores. The same stands for window cleaning too. Recently, you can buy on the market various types of window cleaning robots that just wait for you to bring them home and start cleaning. Some models are even told that they would do the dishes too.

Jokes aside, some great models will leave your windows streak-free and spray a solution that will help your windows remain clean for longer. It is definitely an option to think about.


Cleaning your windows should not be related to hours of scrubbing and wiping. Following those simple and easy steps, you will have not only sparkling clean windows but also a tidy and clean home. So make the changes today, and you will be grateful to yourself in a week.